Sunday, June 04, 2006



It appears Ryan Flynn of MN Governor and now Blogs for Pawlenty was also known as Republican Minnesota until he inexplicably stopped posting there (courtesy of Eva). The plot thickens - check out her comment on the previous post below for more info. Disclosure called for, methinks.

Just an aside, however - on to the meat.

You know, this past week, I had to hand it to the Lourey campaign - they followed up the Baylor announcement with a DVD mailing and an accompanying robocall, which I can only assume targeted delegates and alternates to this week's State Convention. Northern Debater brought up some good points, with which I had to agree.

And then they followed up with another recorded robocall. And then another, this one with an auto-poll.

Let me say that again - a week out from the convention, and they're conducting an automated phone poll.

I sincerely hope the results of this poll aren't used at the convention to demonstrate Lourey's leading position going in. For one thing, automated phone polls are notoriously unreliable - it will quite severely tilt toward the candidate conducting the poll. Kelley supporters are likely to listen to the end of a message from Senator Kelley just as Hatch supporters would listen all the way through a recorded message from AG Hatch, just as Lourey supporters are more likely to have listened until the poll at the end of this message.

There was another paragraph here, but I left it out because of the negative undertones contained therein. Let's leave it at "to summarize, a good move (and that's something, coming from me) quickly turned bad." Let's see what effect that has on pre-convention Monday.

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