Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Why Is It

Why is it that when I say something that could be construed as incendiary, I get lots of comments and my traffic goes through the roof, but when I actually ask for comments and conversation and interaction, I get crickets? Do I have to accuse Ron Carey of killing a puppy with his bare hands to get some response here?

To make a long story short, I'm in a foul mood today. GoDaddy's hosting service is being all weird and not finding PHP files. If anyone (PatMN, I'm calling you) has experience setting this stuff up, please please please email me.

[UPDATE]: Nice of GoDaddy to tell me that they do not have PHP functionality in a Windows hosting environment. I don't think this is the whole story, but I'm switching to Linux. Sigh.....the march goes on.

I was pleased, however, to see that the MN Supreme Court ruled in favor of keeping Governor Pawlenty's Health Impact Feetax in place. It means that no emergency legislation needs to be enacted to move money around, and the wording of the opinion, in which the authoring Justice as much as calls out Pawlenty on his semantic games, lends itself easily to simply calling the HIF a tax. Taxpayers' League types were probably not going to vote for the eventual DFL nominee anyway, but imagine their ire when they find out Tim Pawlenty really did push a new tax through. And a regressive one at that! The horror!

Bright days in the corner office are few and far between lately. What with trailing three (3) DFLers in the polls six months out, bad news with his anti-everything voting good. For him. I'm sure he's a nice guy and all, but this is what happens when one makes deals with the devil.

And no, MDE frequenters, it's just a euphemism. I did not just equate David Strom or the Taxpayers' League with Satan.

Blogger mike said:
It is very apperent the tax payers league has no loyalty to Pawlenty at this point. They sure as hell aren't going to support the DFL candidate, and if they do support Peter Hutchinson or Sue Jeffers in the voting booth, I don't imagine they will let anyone know of that.

The stadium tax(es) is/are where Pawlenty will live or die among tax payer league types. They can give him one free pass, but they aren't gonna give him an additional billion dollars worth of tax increases.
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