Monday, May 15, 2006


New GOP Personal Attack Site

*Begin Nasty-Gram (tm)*

For fear of giving it more press than it deserves....well, I won't link to it. The MN-GOP has unveiled a new attack site that tests the boundaries of decency, even for Ron Carey's standards. It's titled, and it purports, as the GOP's MDE-lookalikes always do, to provide an unbiased account of a superior Democratic candidate's views, policies, and actions.

Cry me a river, guys. This is a candidate against whom all your memes have failed, who has outraised Mark Kennedy when you discount President Bush, Laura Bush, Dick Cheney, Bill Frist, and (lest we forget the Bugman) Tom DeLay's stumping for him among the GOP's donor base. This is a candidate who has led Mark Kennedy from day ONE by a Republican-leaning, yet independent and generally accurate pollster's numbers.

Do some DFLers have issues with some of Amy Klobuchar's issue stands? Yeah, of course. No candidate is perfect. But other than changing up the site template you use for your personal attack sites, what do you hope to gain by this? My only thought is this (and it may be giving Messrs. Carey and Drake far too much credit) is that by drooling over this "hostile workplace" and "rising crime" frame, they're trying to goad the DFL and the Klobuchar campaign into saying that her work as Hennepin County Attorney doesn't have a bearing on her potential to serve as a US Senator.

That doesn't change the fact that Republican budget cuts at the national level hit the Minneapolis Police Department hard, and that the programs hardest hit by Republican budget cuts are proven to prevent crime. Instead of blaming the County Attorney for doing her job, perhaps you should try telling your Mr. Kennedy to go back to Washington and actually try advocating for the interests of Minnesota's communities. For a change.

*End Nasty-Gram (tm)*

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