Thursday, May 11, 2006


MPR issues research

As Polinaut mentioned in his roundup on it, it's not completely scientific, but it's an interesting snapshot nonetheless. Courtesy of Power Liberal, yes, it appears that gay marriage and abortion really are what the far right cares about. In a presidential year I would say this chart indicates a coming tidal wave for the DFL - the issues DFL candidates are pushing up and down the ballot, at the federal level and the local, reach too far into the center for the GOP to put up a credible defense. But in a non-presidential, base-turnout election, the DFL had better be working to pick off a few moderate Republicans who vote consistently and care more about their children's education than their more-conservative brethren's vision of puritanical theocracy in America. I'm confident, but just having the right issues won't be enough. It's going to take a lot of work to turn winning issues into winning candidates.

On a more self/blog/entrepreneurial-centered note, I'm pleased to announce that you can now reach MNCR via and For the time being, those urls simply point you back here, but over the next month I've decided to move away from Blogger and toward my very own remote-hosted blog site. Paid for by my very first check from Google for those awesome ads over there on the right, the new site will allow me to incorporate actual ad banner management software, selling ad space directly to political organizations and campaigns all over the state.

Don't worry though, the awesome content all three of you readers have come to expect won't be going anywhere. Any suggestions for blog software? WordPress? Typo? Bueller?

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Wordpress. All the way.
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