Monday, May 15, 2006


More Endorsements

Congratulations to Patty Wetterling and her team on their victory in the CD6 endorsing convention - Power Liberal has blow-by-blow coverage of the entire event. Representative Democracy in action, right there. No word yet on whether El Tinklenberg plans to mount a primary challenge. As I noted before the weekend, either of them can and will beat Michele Bachmann in November if they bring CD6 Dems together now and concentrate on bringing rightfully-scared-of-Bachmann moderates into the ballot boxes on our side.

Would you look at that calendar? Twenty-four days till the state convention. For reasons of volunteer work and setup, it's a distinct possibility that I'm going to be there Thursday night and taking Friday the 9th off from work. I have some ideas about blogger-specific activities we could organize - if anyone's interested, hit up the comments or email me. They'll take some setup. And quite possibly a good deal of beer. Again, if you're going to be there and you're interested, let me know ASAP.

Next quiz question for you cats - for anyone who has remote hosting for their site, which hosting companies provide the best small-cap service/price/capacity options?

More stuff coming this afternoon if some calls get returned, keep that dial right where it is.

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