Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Local Race Open Thread

Since the departure of PatMN and Mr. Populist from our company, we haven't had any true open threads for whatever commenters want. What local races (US House or below) are on your mind on this lovely hump day?

Blogger Demrock6 said:

Polinaut has audio from this mornings forum on his blog between Patty Wetterling and El Tinklenberg.

I think Tinklenberg handled himself better today. Wetterling stumbled on ethanol and on Feingold's call for impeachment. "Feingold called for censure, not impeachment"

Tinklenberg also corrected Patty on her saying "I am the only candidate with federal experience" as he did work in DC with transit. He didn't do it in a snotty way but nicely corrected her. That tells me Bachmann won't be able to throw mud at El without him shaking it off and not getting his hands dirty himself in the process.

Saturday will be fun.
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