Monday, May 22, 2006


Knoblach Out in 15A

So it's as tired a theme as a Republican official talking about "tax relief." Still - update your links. Seriously. You'll regret it one of these days if you don't. Anyway, on with the post.

Via MN GOP Watch, Jim Knoblach will leave the State House after six terms representing greater St. Cloud. Upon reading this, I immediately did some quick Googling to find out who's running on the DFL ticket. I could only find definitive information on Anne Nolan, who lost in 2004 and, at last website update, was running again in 2006. Any additional information is greatly appreciated, and will be rewarded with a Snickers Bar.

In a moderate-to-conservative district, it is worth of note that Senator Clark and Rep. Haws of 15B are both DFLers. Granted they won their seats in special (read: low-turnout) elections, but Knoblach's departure represents a huge opportunity for the DFL, and puts the GOP even further on the defense. The value of a coordinated campaign between candidates for congruent districts cannot be overstated. Door-knocking and community appearances should be done together, in order to conserve resources and push hard for straight-line DFL ballots in November. The same thing is going on in SD43, and it has been yielding very positive results for the DFL's candidates for the House. Philosophically, there should be no reason why a DFLer can't be elected to fill Knoblach's chair in the House, though I would be interested to see if SeƱor Kirchner at The Analyst has data to amend, refute, or confirm that claim.

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