Friday, May 12, 2006


I Love Rain

Especially when I have to catch a flight out of MSP at 4:30 this afternoon. Awesome. I'll be out of town until Sunday evening, so unfortunately, I won't be able to cover the CD6 Convention this weekend. One final piece of commentary on the Wetterling vs. Tinklenberg debate, however:

I think either of them can win. El Tinklenberg has called Michele Bachmann a savvy campaigner, not to be underestimated, but her campaign skills don't outweigh her absolute wingnuttery, completely out of touch with even the conservative 6th CD and most definitely with the reality of our constitutional democracy. I think she can be boxed in easily by either Patty Wetterling or Mr. Tinklenberg, albeit from different stances, making CD6 a prime pickup candidate for Democrats.

If there's no primary. If the victor tomorrow is forced to spend money on a bruising primary battle, there won't be enough energy or money left in October to get the job done and send Bachmann back from whence she came. Unity will be an invaluable tool in this congressional race, and I hope whoever does not get the endorsement tomorrow will do the right thing and help rally the entire party around the winner.

This assumes the convention isn't completely deadlocked, of course. In that case, may God have mercy on the rear ends of CD6 delegates - hopefully the Convention site has comfortable seats in which to spend hour after hour, ballot after ballot. Hopefully it won't come to that.

One last thing - whatever happens, don't let yourself listen to a word Ron Carey says about the eventual nominee. It doesn't matter what the GOP thinks of DFLers, and he's going to excrete some press release hate either way. That goes for CD6ers as well as bloggers from the rest of the state. As I said, they're both DFLers, and either one will beat the pants off the loony who managed to get endorsed by the GOP.

Blogger Ag said:
Amen, ditto, and all that. Well, maybe not about the rain part :)
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