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Gil Gutknecht on Gil Gutknecht Update your links. That means you, Northern Debater.

We here in the blogosphere have been quivering in anticipation of the fireworks to come in Minnesota's First Congressional District between incumbent Republican Gil Gutknecht and DFL challenger (and Fighting Dem) Tim Walz. After trouncing Leigh Pomeroy in 2004, it seemed as though Mr. Gutknecht would be fairly safe in a largely rural, traditionally conservative district. That was before Tim Walz. All of a sudden, Mr. Walz started reaching across all the old political lines and impressing people across southern Minnesota, and Gil Gutknecht got downright scared. Scared of a straight-talking guy who didn't drag President Bush's failed policies around like a ball and chain, and who started raising a lot of money.

How do I know Mr. Gutknecht is scared? Well, don't take my word for it. Take Mr. Gutknecht's word for it! From a source close to the campaign, I received a copy of Mr. Gutknecht's latest fundraising letter. The full copy will be coming as soon as I get the PDF edited for publication, but here are some excerpts along with comments:

I'm writing to you today because I want to bring to your immediate attention the danger of ignoring the very real threat that the Democrats pose in 2006.

The Wall Street Journal article highlights the Democrat's chances in the 1st District by saying, "The Republican nightmare here in the First District is a burly, high-school teacher and coach who is running as a Democrat but evokes House Speaker Dennis Hastert as a younger man."

This confirms what I've been saying all along about liberal Tim Walz's candidacy...and the fact that state and national Democrats are rallying around him hoping for an upset this November.

In short, I am facing the biggest challenge by the Democrats since being elected as your Congressman in 1994.

Liberal! Hey, liberal Walz! He's a Democrat, he's liberal! Liberal liberal liberal! Some children are scared of the boogeyman in their closet, apparently Mr. Gutknecht and his Republican colleagues would rather face the boogeyman than a liberal. But reality comes back and bites us once again - words like "liberal" and "conservative" are just words. How a candidate communicates with the voters and how well each demonstrates his intestinal fortitude and values are vastly more important than the slimey labels that get thrown around over the course of the campaign.


Tim Walz will tap into millions of dollars of out-of-state, left-wing cash that the Democrats are raising from their friends from Hollywood to Boston.

The Democrat's left-wing agenda will result in higher taxes, more government control, higher health care costs and no solution to illegal immigration...while burdening working families with skyrocketing taxes.

The Democrats want to do away with President George W. Bush's tax cuts and raise taxes by over $2 trillion. Just imagine what it would be like it the per-child-tax-credit was completely eliminated...that's why I will work to keep President Bush's tax cuts in place - permanently.

Reality to Mr. Gutknecht - you're making numbers up. Reversing President Bush's tax cuts would increase our government's solvency after nearly six years of ballooning deficits, brought about by irresponsible Republican policies of not living up to our commitments and pushing debt on to our children and grandchildren. Your party has already spent tax money that won't be paid until I'm eligible for Social Security if your party is left in power. And that's a long time off.

Illegal immigration is a homeland security issue. While left-wingers are trying to make this a political issue by inciting mass protests, we must hold our ground and increase funding to control our borders and enforce immigration laws.

Increase funding from where? You've already said you'll try to make Bush's tax cuts permanent. Where is this money coming from, Mr. Gutknecht?

Fighting for affordable prescription drugs will continue to be an important part of my legislative agenda. Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical industry still stands in the way of making prescription drugs more affordable by blocking key reforms.

Let me get this straight. Your party controls both houses of Congress AND the White House, and it's Big Pharma that's blocking key reforms? You're kidding, right? Please describe exactly how it is that the pharmaceutical companies are blocking reforms. Are they contributing heavily to Republican leaders in the House and Senate and bribing them to keep these reforms from seeing the light of day?

Using the threat of an upset to rally one's voting and fundraising base is nothing new in electoral politics. But this effort by Gutknecht's campaign is, frankly, a little sad. Not only does his staff appear to be grammatically disinclined (perhaps a product of the so-called No Child Left Behind educational standards), but they're simply making things up! You're facing a challenge for many reasons, Mr. Gutknecht. Foremost among them, CD1 Democrats have found a candidate who speaks to the values of all your constituents. But only slightly behind that, you've failed. The Contract with America that put you in office has failed. It's time for a new Contract with America, one that doesn't involve the Republican Party leading our country in the wrong direction as they've done since 1994.

Blogger Greater Scaup said:
Just wanted to let you know that in District 31 chances are pretty good the Senate race is going to be a DFL pick up just becasue the only candidate from the only real population base (Winona 27,000) is Sharon Ropes. Even though she is not the strongest candidate they could have had, I think she will hold strong. Another reason is becasue she is running against two conservative leaning people. One calls himself a Independant but I don't think he is fooling anyone
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