Saturday, May 06, 2006


Final Thoughts on Today

Compared to the various roundups available on the DFL CD5 and GOP CD6 Conventions......It sounds like CD3 DFL was downright tame. That being said, I found over the course of the day that I have met many excellent Minnesotans over the past six months, and some of them are even kind enough to frequent my blog. Especially the all-stars in SDs 42 and 43 - Hi Reade, Laurie, Betsy, Scott, all you folks. You rock.

Also, with the update on Shawn Towle's recent problems with Checks and Balances available over at LloydLetta, I find myself wondering if my traffic reports warrant selling ad space to the various campaigns around the state. Anyone know of a really easy-to-use and Blogger-connectable blog ad software package?

Blogger lloydletta said:
The post Mncr is referring to is here.
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
My apologies for not including the link, Eva, but thanks for providing it :-)
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