Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Events of Note

So. I'll be at the 331 Club tonight to meet Markos from DailyKos, on tour to promote Crashing the Gate - where will you be? Say what you want about who he's supported, the things he's said and policies and activities he's espoused...but he's a bona fide superstar in the blogosphere. I know I certainly don't agree with everything he says - technocracy vs. ideological purity can be a thorny issue - but I figure since my site gets *hundreds* of hits a day, and his gets *millions* (1,000,000 times x) he gets the benefit of the doubt.

In other news, Backbone Minnesota will be quieting down, as will Trillin. This is a shame on both fronts, but I understand their reasons for doing so. Polinaut hits it on the head - one can burn out pretty quickly doing this day in and day out, obsessing over comments and Google Analytics stats, compulsively reading down one's sidebar for new posts. Smearing peanut butter.....uhm...It takes up time, to be sure. Thanks for the recent link, MDE, I'll need it since I'm sure my inbound visits coming from BBMN will be dropping off.

On that topic (MDE's link), some thoughts: yes, the gubernatorial race is contentious. It's the top of the ticket, it should be contentious. But not personal. We're Democrats; we have to rise above the bickering and infighting stereotype the GOP lays out for us to fall into. So no more making it personal - this is an offer, not a mandate. If we all work hard and fair, it can only end well for the DFL up and down the ticket.

I'm checking in with a few sources and trying to confirm some things about the status of the CD5 race, there should be another post up later today on it. Till then, adieu. See some of you tonight :-)

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