Monday, May 01, 2006


Enough Self-Reflection

Back to business. CD1 DFL endorsed Tim Walz this past weekend - congratulations to Tim and his entire campaign team. It's going to be a wild ride in southern Minnesota, and a bold, straight-talking DFLer who can rally party regulars and maybe turn a few moderate Republicans our way will have a positive effect on the statewide DFL ticket as well. This is to say nothing of providing new leadership and representation for CD1 in Washington DC. Go get'em, Tim.

Coming up this coming weekend, Congressional District conventions in CDs 3, 5, and 6. Each will be interesting for its own reasons. CD3, for its part, represents some activists with some really great ideas on improving DFL turnout, senior and young voter outreach, and other aspects of the effort in the West Metro. We'll also see if the party feels like making an endorsement of Wendy Wilde in her nascent race against Jim Ramstad.

CDs 5 and 6 should, for reasons that should be familiar to your gray matter, should be somewhat more interesting in the context of their endorsement battles. All indications from CD6 are that Patty Wetterling and El Tinklenberg are somewhat evenly matched in the delegate chase. CD5, with so many qualified candidates, is a mess - sentiments elsewhere in the blogosphere indicate that (in no particular order) Mike Erlandson, Keith Ellison, Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, and Gail Dorfman are leading the way. If any candidate outside these four gets 10-15 delegates, that candidate could play an extremely important role in the endorsement battle coming.

This week should be very interesting as candidates finalize their pushes into these conventions. On a national note, have you read the transcript or seen the video of Steven Colbert at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner this weekend? Which now-unemployed White House lackey was responsible for allowing Steven Colbert anywhere NEAR a podium with a captive audience including the Press Corps, military leaders, and President Bush?

[UPDATE]: As MaryAnne has noted in the comments, I have missed the CD2 convention, which is also this weekend. However, I'm also not as familiar with recent goings-on in CD2 - Anyone (MaryAnne included) want to provide an update that I'll subsequently post?

Blogger MaryAnne said:
I could be wrong, but I am planing on attending my convention this weekend, and I am in the 2nd CD . . . did you miss one?
Blogger Ag said:
CD6 is on the 13th, not this weekend. I was confused by this too, and still don't know why, was there a date change?

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