Thursday, May 11, 2006


Convention? Or Committee...

Via the U-DFL blog, apparently Minneapolis is pushing hard for the Democratic National Convention in 2008. Nice site, but here's another idea. 'Scuse me while I whip this out.

Minneapolis would certainly be a better site for the DNC than the RNC. The city is overwhelmingly Democratic, and does not hold the same symbolic significance that New York held for Republicans in 2004. I would certainly approve of having the 2008 DNC here - it's a wild time for all involved, and would signify continuing Democratic commitment to the Midwest as a voting and value base. But I would also approve of it being held in Denver, pushing the oft-mentioned Western strategy of focusing Democratic campaign energies on quickly growing states like Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada. I would also approve of it being held in New Orleans, but in the aftermath of Katrina, it is clear that civic services are still not in good shape there. It would simply be difficult to put together, symbolic significance aside.

Here's another idea, however - what about the other DNC - the Democratic National Committee? Anyone who was at DL with Kos a short while ago heard him say the DNC needs to get the hell out of Washington DC and out into the rest of the country - where better than Minneapolis? In the seat of one of the safest Democratic congressional strongholds in the country, in a state whose Democratic Party's name and values include farmers' and laborers' interests - where better to cement the Party's connection to the grassroots? What better place to push back against Republican forays into traditional Democratic territory?

Shorter plane flights to most of the country, including those western states that will be so important in upcoming elections. Short drive to the Iowa caucuses in presidential years. A strong union tradition in the party community. Strong local womens' and GLBT groups. A great mix of urban, suburban, and rural interests in the local party. Tactically, it makes sense. Logistically, it makes sense. Symbolically, it makes sense. I'm not saying Minneapolis should be the permanent headquarters of the DNC; there's no reason it shouldn't rotate every few years among other cities. But if there's any place the DNC can and should move its HQ into if it does hear the netroots' siren song - Minneapolis should be right at the top of the list.

Any local DNC staffers...if you're reading...lemme know what you think.

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