Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Almost There

Work continues on the new MNCR - so for a while, don't use that direct URL. If you were, which neither of you was, so it doesn't matter. WordPress is installed and ready to go, now I just have to get the domain names pointed in the right direction. The end of the week is a good target. Exciting times.

Raise your hands if you watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy last night......How about 24? How about Bush's big address? *crickets*...... Bravo, Tony Snow. Bravo.

I got my first look at the floor plan of the convention center where the State Convention will be in June, and my reaction was a cross between "wow" and "yikes". 1300 delegates, perhaps a thousand alternates, party officials, campaign staffers...it's going to be a very crowded weekend. Hopefully the AC will work.

Blogger Demrock6 said:
I hope it is in the auditorium.

Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
According to what I saw, it's not. Indications are that it's here: http://www.mayociviccenter.com/documents/BuildingGraphics/TaylorArenaLayout.pdf
Blogger Waffle Tushie said:
It will be in the arena, as it was in 2000 when we last had the convention there. I didn't hear a lot of complaints then but then again I spent alomst the whole convention holed up in a Senate candidate's war room running numbers.
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