Tuesday, April 25, 2006


When in Doubt about Site Traffic...

...Link to MDE. It improves your Google Analytics reports, especially when Mr. Brodkorb responds directly. Trust me. While you're here though, check out my recent work on the 2004 House DFL campaign fundraising numbers. I found some interesting stuff. You could scroll down too, but clicking is fun. Anyway!....MDE.

At Mr. Brodkorb's site, you can view in all its tactical glory the strategy undertaken by the MN GOP to execute a hatchet job against Sue Jeffers. I can't say I didn't see this coming - as soon as a candidate, any candidate decided to challenge Mr. Pawlenty on his promises (broken or otherwise) to his reactionary right-wing base, out come the hatchets to whack Ms. Jeffers, her political donation history, her campaign manager, her business choices (Sam Adams or Pabst? Sam is from Massachusetts, ya know, those damned libruls out there don't deserve to drink beer, let alone make it), anything. Maybe her dog has some skeletons buried out in the yard that can used against Ms. Jeffers.

I said it before: I don't support Sue Jeffers the candidate or Sue Jeffers the ideologue. But the hypocrisy on the part of the Republican Party here can be cut with a knife. The DFL is not facing a Party of Conservative Ideas - we're facing a Party of Our Way or Get Attacked By Ravenous Dogs in the Media Every Day Until You Drop Out or Cry on TV. That's not right for Minnesota politics, it's not right for American politics. Honest debate within and between party organizations about issues, candidates, their positions, their styles, the whole package, is what made us Americans in the first place. Suppressing that debate is no better than the regimes our President Bush seeks to supplant in the Middle East. Shame the President's minions keep forgetting that.

On a more practical (and less prose-filled) topic, I'll be speaking with Keith Ellison, candidate for CD5, today over lunch. Check back later today or tonight for the transcript of our interview.

Blogger Tony said:
I said in my blog's podcast that I think they are afraid of Jeffers. If the GOP was truly looking for the best conservative candidate why not allow a fiscal conservative Libertarian challenge the not-so-fiscal conservative Republican? The worst that could happen is Jeffers would actually get the endorsement and the GOP could support a fiscal conservative. The best (for fiscal conservatives) that could happen is Pawlenty would be forced to put on the fiscal conservative facade that he shed 2 years ago.

Why are they so afraid of competition (vs. Kennedy, vs. Pawlenty, etc)?
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
The actual ideological issues aside, I think you're right that they're scared. But it's purely a political fear - in both the gubernatorial and senate races, the party wants to portray a totally and 100% united front behind the candidates without actually talking about the record or policies of either one. I think ultimately it's going to limit their ability and desire to reach out to the moderates they will need to win...but that's wayyyyyyyy off in the future.
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