Tuesday, April 04, 2006


What DeLay Means to Minnesota

Or, what he should mean to us right now. I'll back up. In case you haven't heard, or read any political blogs in the last day or so, Tom DeLay has announced that he will not seek re-election to Congress and will instead retire, no doubt to take up a vigorous defense of the tattered fabric of his reputation after being indicted on money laundering charges. Oh, right, and his former chief of staff just plead guilty to conspiracy charges. Oh, and they're both connected to Jack Abramoff.

Yet, in announcing that he will resign, Mr. DeLay couldn't resist getting a shot in at that Liberal Conspiracy he sees hiding in the dust bunnies in the corners of his office, saying that he didn't want to give the Liberal Democrats a chance to turn the campaign into a personal-attack-fest. We can debate whether discussing indictments, money laundering, and conspiracy charges during a campaign really amounts to "personal attacks."

So what does Mr. DeLay's resignation mean for Minnesota's campaigns? MN Publius will, no doubt, soon republish their well-worn photo of Mr. DeLay speaking at a 2005 fundraiser for our very own Mark Kennedy - tossing Kennedy a DeLay-shaped anchor shouldn't be a tremendous problem. In CD2 and CD6, however, (and CD1, for that matter) DeLay should be used as a wedge. The DFL needs to pound away on the Republican incumbents and candidates to get an answer from them - Were he staying in Congress, would you or would you not support Tom DeLay as a leader in the GOP? Would you or would you not support furtherance of the criminal charges currently alleged against him? Their answer, should they choose to make one, isn't important - it's bad for them either way we cut it. Support DeLay, you're a crook just like him. Don't support him, you're a disloyal Republican, and risk losing the base.

If the DFL opposition plays its cards right, the clamoring for an answer and the subsequent silence will become an issue unto itself. But regardless of how well DFL campaigns have exploited this weakness until now, the past several months have proven that the massive, widespread corruption within the GOP, with Tom DeLay and Bill Frist at its helm, is an issue that Democrats can and should use to wail on their Republican opponents. It's not an agenda, but it makes a great leash to use against Kennedy, Gutknecht, Kline, and the CD6 Hydra....to say nothing of in-state races. I must say, DeLay's dig, disgraced as he has become, sounded like a page right out of Ron Carey's playbook. CRITICIZE DIRTY HIPPIE LIBERALS AT ALL COSTS EVEN IF YOU'RE ABOUT TO GO TO JAIL IT'S THEIR FAULT ANYWAY. Getting a bit tinny, guys.

A couple of new projects coming up here in the next couple weeks - I'm pushing to get a few more candidate interviews in the pipe, so be watching for details.

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