Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Wednesday Late Post

So it's a late night. Big deal. While you're way up here at the top of the page, go check out my recent interview with Keith Ellison, it's worth a read. Anyway: I gots me a copy of the SD43 Convention Resolutions. The Republican resolutions. I have to be totally honest - some of this stuff I can agree with, or at least see discussing on a constructive basis. Some is total wingnuttery, however.

1. Now, therefore, be it resolved that Minnesota health care providers use only mercury-free vaccines when available, and that if a vaccine containing more than a trace aount of mercury must be given, that informed consent be obtained prior to giving the vaccine.

Reasonable enough, I suppose. Mercury is bad, informed consent with vaccines is good.

4. Therefore, be it resolved that we oppose establishing universal pre-school programs in the state of Minnesota.

I'm sure there's reasoning behind this one, but I can only hope it goes beyond "but that will cost so much money to send our kids to preschool!"

7. Be it resolved that the president of the United States be given the power of a line-item veto.

I'm not sure if I remember correctly, but I seem to remember the President (Clinton) having and using the line-item veto, and it being struck down by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional. Just a thought, guys.

9. Revamping our social security system to ensure equity for future generations.

Sigh..."revamp" is the new "privatize," I suppose. Want to improve Social Security? Take a look at the SS retirement age. People are living longer, folks. Raise the Social Security-related retirement age, you start saving money. It can be indexed by current life expectancy even. Argue, argue, argue.

10. Be it resolved that we commend and applaud Judy Johnson for her hard work.

(clap, clap, clap)

11. Be it resolved that we urge Congress to oppose all human cloning, whether reproductive or therapeutic.

And human chimerae too, right? If behind this resolution lurks a thought of outlawing stem cell research...good luck taking that to an electorate worried about cancer rates, about Parkinson's Disease, ALS, Hodgkins Lymphoma, and Alzheimer's Disease.

12. Be it resolved that we support the President's continued commitment to achieve democracy in Iraq.

It's difficult not to be snarky on this one, but ..... does 33% mean anything? What price are you really willing to pay for a country that ***news flash*** had zero to do with 9/11? You didn't care about Iraqi democracy before March 2003, you have no good reason to care now. Other than politics. But I digress.

13. Be it resolved that we stand opposed to the MN Supreme Court decision, Doe v Gomez, which established an absolute right to abortionfor any reason in the MN constitution.

Get your constitutional law correct, guys. Supreme Court decisions at the state or federal level do not establish rights IN the Constitution, they establish rights as protected UNDER the constitution. It's an important distinction, especially with such reactionary justices as Antonin Scalia proclaiming no right to privacy "in the Constitution."

15. Therefore, be it resolved that we oppose state and federal support of International Baccalaureate (IB) and the adoption of IB by local school districts.

The person who provided me with these resolutions informed me that IB, the widely-renowned advanced high school education program, was referred to as "commie" at the SD43 GOP convention. Whatever, too many more to get to before I'm done. This next one's good, anyway.

17. Therefore, be it resolved that the Republicay Party supports and encourages school districts and teachers to include original sources showing the important role of religion in our Nation's founding while teaching history.

First science, now history, huh? At least in history you have a somewhat valid case, since it's a social science and not physical. However, are they talking about *Christian* religion? What about Judaism (early Jewish settlers in Rhode Island, for example)? Islam in America? It's really another post altogether, but the SD43 GOP is running itself into a philosophical corner here - they want everyone to know that the US was founded by Christians, when really they were a bunch of Masons who cared little for the trappings of their Puritan upbringings and were really concerned with preventing the tyranny of the majority, whether political or religions. But as I said, that's another post.

23. [Paraphrase the Bachmann Amendment].

....No use beating a dead horse.

24. Be it resolved that the Minnesota Legislature pass legislation to prohibit the promotion of the acceptance of homosexuality, bisexuality, or transgenderism when they are discussed in Minnesota public schools.

It's not about accepting homosexuality itself, you twits, it's about accepting people. As equals. As brothers, and sisters, and sons and daughters, because they're humans. And Americans, in case that slipped your mind.

26. Be it resolved that the Minnesota legislature pass legislation protecting property rights of families and individuals from inappropriate government taking through eminent domain when the property taken is transferred to private parties rather than used for a public use.

On its face, I agree with this one, but then I did some research. Read up on Kelo vs. New London for more information on eminent domain issues. The majority opinion determined that since the ED claim was not of primary benefit to the private developer, it was permissible since the city showed a strong probability of positive benefit in community development and tax revenue. Interesting stuff.

28. Making English the official language of the state of MN and the USA.

Keep all 'dem forners out too!

29. Submit to the people of Minnesota to establish term limits for all elected officials.

Good luck getting that one past a legislature filled with, ya know...elected officials.

30. Therefore be it resolved that the Republican Party supports increased state investments to expand the number of Minnesota children who are ready for Kindergarten through legislation that supports parents, improves the quality of early care and education programs, increases access to high quality experiences for all children and coordinates the efforts of parents and programs.

And you pay for these Since we've already established that tax increases are anathema to your political thoughts.

Now, as I end this surprisingly long post, a caveat - SD43 DFL had some pretty silly resolutions on the ballot too. I didn't vote for the silly ones, and I hoped that not many did. I would really be interested in seeing what kind of support each of these I've mentioned received at the convention - perhaps Matt Abe or someone from the SD43 GOP would be willing to comment. It is also worth noting at this time that there are a couple that I could at least envision debating on the merits....but some of these really make me remember why I'm a Democrat.

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