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Waiter! More Salt!

There just aren't grains big enough for these email updates coming from gubernatorial campaigns*. In response to the Kelley campaign's delegate update, the Lourey campaign has no released their version of the numbers. Surprisingly, the two campaigns generally agree on one thing - Mike Hatch's support. Not much else to be had in common, however. Senator Lourey's campaign naturally lists her with approximately a 10% advantage over Senator Kelley in committed delegates (25% - 14%), with a similarly large number of unknown and undecideds. As we have all known from day one, the truth will ultimately be revealed on June 10th. Hence why I handed over a large grain of salt in my previous post on the issue.

What gets me about this email message, however, is not the delegate count. That's just politics. I can live with that. This, however, I take issue with:

Why We Know the Kelley Campaign Numbers are Inaccurate.
It is obvious to most observers that the Kelley campaign is presenting their numbers to put their candidate in the best light in order to try to build momentum entering the convention. In their carefully worded email, the Kelley campaign qualifies its count by saying "We are including in our 'committed delegates' count only those people who have been elected in a named sub-caucus, or who have expressed publicly their support for a particular candidate." Even a casual observer knows that this methodology will provide results that do not reliably compare campaigns.

Those of us who have been working on statewide races and have lived through a number of senate, county unit and state conventions can recognize the inexperience of the Kelley campaign staffers who do not have similar experience in counting delegates.

You could just let it go. You could just chalk it up to politics, maybe even "take the high road" and let the Kelley campaign publish whatever they wanted to - after all, it's just posturing, right? But no. You take the opportunity to disrespect the commitment of his staffers to doing their job the right way? Are you kidding me? Talk about the candidate all you want. His policies, his positions, his experience, his education, whatever. That, as I said above, is just politics. He's a big boy, he can handle it.

But this "holier-than-thou" routine, along with the perfectly executed straw man technique (even a casual observer knows....really let the sarcasm drip when you say it), this is bogus! Who cares about the damned numbers anymore - this is a personal attack against people who are busting their asses day in and day out. Poor us, the Kelley people are being so negative, but just remember that we still have more experience and they're a bunch of amateur hacks. Can't you respect that these people are working themselves to the bone for something and someone they believe in? Spending time away from husbands and wives and children? They're Democrats too, ya know.

You do know we're all Democrats, right? Have a heart, guys. Northern Debater has a post up on this already, and I'm sure that both campaigns do come out of this looking petty. But if I can't stand up for my friends, who can I stand up for?

*Disclaimer: Oh, forget it. It's not worth it anymore.

Blogger Northern Debater said:
you could link to my post you know... just for the record its at-
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
Sorry was late, I was tired.
Blogger Trillin said:
I join you in your outrage, I have posted on it as well.
Blogger Jay said:
You're mad at them for saying that the Kelley staff lack in-depth experience at this process?

From their release the day before, they were clearly taking a shot at Lourey by marking an arrow of what they beleive Lourey numbers to be. In this case their attempt was suttle, but evident. The problem is, as pointed out, you can only account for your own numbers.

Pam Mccrory, a Kelley staffer, was also extremly disrespectful and insulting to the Lourey staff and the candidate. She's still a staffer and you seem to brush that under the rug. You (Joe Bodell), a recent former staffer and still very close to the campaign, have used your blog as a PR peice for Steve Kelley as well as a venue to attack Lourey and her campaign:
Day one, dismissing her as a real candidate.
Spin on the Preference Poll that put Kelley in third in spite of being in the race six months before Lourey and four months before Hatch.
More spin after Kelley falls behind Lourey in the Preference Poll.
Slow news week? Attack Lourey over her website.
Nothing good to say? Let's play anagrams and insult Lourey more.
You float a rumor stating that the Lourey Campaign is PREPARING to go negative and therefore start a pre-emptive mud sling. You supposedly got this information from a Lourey staffer. They disagree.
Taking a shot at the Lourey team for another rumor of a block strategy at the Stonewall Endorsement. I guess the same Lourey staffer gave this to you.
Here you subtitle the Lourey delegate count as "How to LIE with numbers" and go after Lourey staffer John Blackshaw. The guy has more experience than your entire campaign, including your candidate.
Here's where you tout the results of the St Paul DFL straw poll AND take a heavy shot at Becky Lourey. Funny how this pay to vote scheme was spun as an indication of strength and the Preference Poll on Caucus night was dismissed when Kelley came on third.
You call the Lourey Campaign Liars and their staff responds. I guess this is them being negative for no reason.
A post about Hutchinson doesn't stop you from taking a shot at Lourey. Why not?
You take catty potshots at Lourey in this one.
As an employee: You again go after Lourey. Why? Because Zogby has here ahead of Kelley in their poll.

Joe, your youth and inexperience is self reflective I hope. If it is an indication of the staff who can't stop obsessing over Lourey, then June 10th is going to be embarassing and you'll be writing about cheating, backroom deals and uninformed delegates. Anything to keep from facing the fact that your candidate is in third and maybe your campaign strategy shoudl reflect that and stop putting up false expectations. That way you don't have to spin when you don't reach them.

Blogger Guy said:
Last I checked, MNCR is NOT Kelley's campaign mananger. Matt Filner would never stoop this low, nor would his campaign waste their time putting together a press release on such an issue.

Bloggers and posters nitpicking over whom is a better candidate and who's website is the best is one thing, but to have Becky Lourey and her campaign manager attach their names to such an attack is a sign of a struggling and misguided campaign.
Blogger dflmnjim said:
So the only response to a detailed explanation of why one campaign disagrees with another's numbers is to say that wasn't nice. If that's the best you got its going to be so easy for Mike Hatch to take out Kelley (whether he's in second or third).

Personally, I think the issue of campaign team experience is a debatable issue. We are all running against a very good candidate and cmapaign team (Pawlenty that is) and we need to have our best to match theirs. Hatch clearly has put together the best team and is doing so while spending minimally. While Kelley's folks work just as hard and are learning the ropes quickly, I think Barisonzi points to something that needs attention; that Kelley hired people without experience working at this level. He didn't call them jerks, or lazy, or bad at their jobs, he just said inexperience shows when trying to count delegates.

The facts of what he wrote have not been challenged by anyone, and I think that says a lot about them probobly being true. Can Kelley people refute any of the actual facts in the email?

When we talk about who will win in November, experience of the team around the candidate matters.
Blogger Jay said:
Looks like your buddy Ken Martin just confirmed in Mankato, you guys are in third place. Go ask your buddy Filner what he loudly said about an hour ago. Third Place Baby!
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