Thursday, April 06, 2006


This Again?

Seriously? I don't blame MDE for parroting this line from the MN GOP - I blame the MN GOP for relentlessly continuing to attempt this completely false linkage between Jack Abramoff and someone, anyone in the Democratic Party. How many Democrats did Abramoff take on junkets to Scotland to play golf? Or to exotic islands in the Pacific? How many Democrats has Abramoff implicated in influence-peddling schemes in Congress since turning witness for the prosecution in the case against him? How many Democrats received money directly from Abramoff, instead of from his clients, who are both outside the inner ring of politics and free to donate money to officials of both parties?

None. Zero. The Abramoff scandal is still purely a Republican scandal, and it always will be. The GOP would do well to try to forget it, and hope the media does too. Not that that's possible, but hey, I don't mind. Let's discuss Tom DeLay's ethical standards more. Let's discuss how President Bush lied when asserting that he didn't remember Abramoff. Let's discuss Bill Frist's HCA stock transactions, and let's discuss just how close Conrad Burns was to Mr. Abramoff and his firm. These things are great for the DFL in 2006. By all means, Mr. Carey, keep it up.

Blogger johnnie78 said:
Perhaps they have decided that of all the bad things they've done to them this is the least bad.

And with nothing good to talk about.... least bad it is!
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