Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Some Links and Other Issues

Blue Ox is right on the money about NCLB - look past the surface, and you see what NCLB has always been - a covert attempt to break teachers' unions acros the country.

Minntelect on goings-on in SD52. Interesting stuff.

The guys at MN Publius have an interview with Jeremy Kalin, candidate for House District 17B. If they're going to be doing all these interviews with local candidates, I might just have to start linking them in the sidebar. I am a mere single writer, and can only interview so many people. Speaking of which, specifics are not set, but I'm in the process of setting up an interview early next week with Gail Dorfman, candidate for Congress in CD5. If there are any other CD5 candidates or staffers who would like to get some face time in the blogosphere, please email me. I will do my absolute best to accomodate, and everyone will have a link in the extra-special MNCR sidebar. [UPDATE: This also goes for any candidates for local or state office].

DK at The Analyst has posted the Campaign Finance Board's final 2005 report on the Gubernatorial race. Some very interesting numbers in the Dems vs. Pawlenty field. Although my position regarding Peter Hutchinson's candidacy hasn't changed, It would be interesting to see where his individual contributions are coming from as well. [UPDATE: DK has added Hutchinson's numbers. Thanks!]

And if you're still reading, you're really interested in what I have to say. I'm not a huge fan of the Culture of Corruption meme being utilized by the national Democratic Party - I think it keeps the focus on the Republican Party's problems instead of constructing a progressive Contract with America. That doesn't mean I think the CoC argument won't work, it's just not what I'm going to do when I lead the party.

That being said, Dump Michelle Bachmann has a report regarding Senator Bachmann's writeoffs of her home cable bills. How big a floodlight needs to be thrown on Republicans like Bachmann, Dick Day, Rick Santorum, and their ilk before the populace understands that their self-proclaimed "humility" and "compassion" extend only as far as those words can be used to get themselves re-elected?

Case in point: The Taxpayers' League. This is an organization that claims to espouse a free market, small government, and responsible spending policies. This quote from their most recent email update might make one think differently, however:
Still want to take Government 101 from cheese-eating surrender monkeys and kraut-sniffing autobahn hooligans? As captivating and uncrusty a speaker as Barack Obama might have been at the DFLs recent "Celebrate Obstructionism" dinner, all the fancy packaging and powerhouse fundraising can't hide the fact that his speech was the same populist boilerplate (albeit in a hypnotizingly sincere form) that the Left has been using to construct the welfare state for the last 70 years.
This doesn't sound like an organization focused on fiscal responsibility. It sounds like the work of a xenophobic bunch of greedy political hacks and think-tank babies. Note the hostility with which the TPL refers to Senator Obama's populist message...what's the problem, guys? Don't like it when government serves the needs of the many instead of the super-rich few? I thought that's what a democracy is supposed to be. I could be wrong, though.

Get ready for the bombshell - I will be at Drinking Liberally tomorrow night, come hell or high water. One might say "jeez, you could have come to any DL, but you choose to show up the night Steve Kelley is there? What a political hack!" You wouldn't be entirely wrong, I guess. At this point, however, I'm more interested in meeting the people on the other end of emails I've written and received than I am in keeping some minor degree of anonymity. Here's to hoping no one decides to try with me what they did with Mr. Sponge. For their sake. Scheduling issues aside, this really is the first time I've been able to make it, and it's only a slight consideration that my gubernatorial candidate will be there as well. If you really don't want me there.....well...Rew is to blame.

Anyway, I'll be there, and I'm looking forward to it.

Blogger DK said:
I've now added Hutchinson's numbers to my post. Thanks for keeping me honest.

David Kirchner
The Analyst
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
No worries, though I'm sure Mike Grimes will appreciate the addition. Thanks dude.
Blogger StPaul_DFLer said:
See you tomorrow night at DL. I'll be drinking the Premiums.
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