Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Open Road for Wendy Wilde

After a quick meeting with my Senate District chair which turned into a two-hour Arby's trip and political talk-fest, it turns out that Tommy Johnson has dropped out of the race to face Jim Ramstad in CD3, leaving Wendy Wilde an essentially open road to the DFL nomination. Apparently another candidate has jumped in, but although he's from SD43 (my district) I can't remember his name. After college, the memory starts going.

I'm still not too optimistic about Ms. Wilde's chances, although I would happy accept pleasant surprises. She's starting very late, and I fear that an abortive or unsuccessful campaign will expend the advantages of celebrity she currently has. As Minntelect recently noted on a BBMN comment thread, CD3 as a unit is trending DFL, but it's not there yet, and it will take a gargantuan amount of work to convince moderate and conservative-ish voters that a election neophyte who doesn't live in the district would be better than an entrenched incumbent who makes his living calling himself an independent moderate.

Regardless, it is good to see a credible candidate in every Republican-held congressional district in Minnesota, for reasons that have been mentioned here and elsewhere. Credibly oppose the majority everywhere, and they won't be the majority for long.

I know StPaul_DFLer will be there - who else will be at Drinking Liberally tonight?

Blogger Flash said:
High School registration for one of my sons tonight. I'll miss all the fun at DL w/Kelley. I'll see if I can't make it out afterwards, but I am not that optimistic.

Blogger rew said:
Sophie says hi, joe.

I don't think St PaulDFLer made it, since I knew pretty much everyone there. Unless he got sucked into the writers/editors group meeting at the bar.

Not too many people, mainly because of the early thing, but also possible candidate burnout (we've just seen so many at this point, people are picking their favorites rather than hitting them all). I'll have an update on it later.
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