Thursday, April 06, 2006


Obama Coming to Town

I'll be a bit busy this weekend on various projects, so I won't be able to make it to Barack Obama's appearance at a rally for Amy Klobuchar - I'll be looking for comments from those who are able to make it. While I'm still trudging through Crashing the Gate, I've been meaning to pick up a copy of his book, which is supposed to be pretty good. I mean, it won him a Grammy, it has to be good, right?

By the way, that Molligator link I posted yesterday - yeah, not so good on my part. Turns out that was being written by someone who really shouldn't have been blogging anonymously. But the entry in question has been deleted, and I'm fairly sure it won't be getting updated anymore, so no biggie. I consider the matter over.

By "various projects" up in the first paragraph, I mean "awesome interviews coming up." I'll be interviewing some candidates in various media (email, IM, in person) over the next few days, and will post transcripts for your reading pleasure.

Sunday: Mark Ritchie
Monday: Tim Walz (!)
Midweek: Christian Sande (hopefully, haven't confirmed yet)

Disclaimer: By no means is my interviewing of a candidate or the order in which I do so tantamount to support or endorsement. These guys are all heavy hitters in 2006, and I think all will make for great blog reading as we move into next week. Far be it for me to encourage you NOT to read me before Sunday, but make sure you hit me back starting then.

Blogger rew said:
FYI - Drinking Liberally is sponsoring the "Crashing the Gate" book signing party when Kos and Jerome come to Minneapolis. The party is 6-8 pm, Tuesday, May 2nd at the 331 Club
Blogger bryan @ shotgunfreude said:
Hi - I went to the rally and blogged a little about it here.

Nice blog by the way.
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