Monday, April 24, 2006


News Flash: GOP is not the Borg

I was trying to find a good way to simulate a "not equal to" sign in the title, but "is not" works just as well. Anyway, give this Strib article from Saturday a look-see. Basically, the idea is that Sue Jeffers, who has been running for Governor as a Libertarian, now wishes to seek the Republican endorsement against the incumbent, Tim Pawlenty. Ron Carey refuses her access to the party's state delegate list. In case you just can't make yourself click away from the brutally poignant prose....
Jeffers acknowledges that few people think she has even a remote chance of knocking off an incumbent governor at his own party's convention in June. But she says she speaks for many fiscal conservatives who are unhappy with Pawlenty's compromises and reversals on a host of issues.

"Let's slap him up a bit, at the very least," Jeffers said.

But Republican Party chairman Ron Carey noted that until recently Jeffers was running as a Libertarian Party candidate and has its endorsement. The state convention "is reserved for Republicans and Republican candidates," Carey said. "We can monitor who we want there."

Carey said the party's executive committee will not provide Jeffers with the lists of some 1,500 recently elected state convention delegates, an essential tool for organizing an endorsement campaign.
By no means am I even venturing close to supporting Sue Jeffers' candidacy in and of itself. I agree with close to zero of her economic ideas, and I've seen little from her press releases other than "I'm the only fiscal conservative in the race - LOW TAXES ARE GOOD. *ROAR* " I think her presence as a political force is good for the DFL, as it forces Mr. Pawlenty to serve the wishes of his far-right activist base, a fact aluded to in the article. From a purely political standpoint, I feel bad for Mr. Carey (!) - he's in a difficult position, and his job description includes statements about supporting incumbent Republicans, including the state's chief executive. I'm not exactly complaining about news that the Republican Party is not a monolith of political opinion any more than a Republican blogger would complain about a report depicting the DFL as a disorganized bunch of cats in need of herding. I've said it before and I'll say it again - political stereotypes help no one.

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