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More, More, More

From Jay:
Pam's mistake was something that a more seasoned operator would have not engaged in, or got caught in. And, if caught, would have resigned from the campaign. Her apologizing is great, but responsibility lies at the top. Where is Steve on this?

Personally, I take everything with a grain of salt from you.

Joe Bodell a rich kid from Wayzata who is twenty years behind me. You're not a homeowner (property taxes), you're not raising a family (schools, health care and safety) and you haven't built a business over the last 15 years (taxes,health care costs and other economic issues). So, why would I listen to you on what or who's best for Minnesota?
Who's most inspiring? Motivating? Maybe even enlightening? You can certainly have the inside scoop in those things but, the bread and butter issues are tough (not impossible) to hear from a campaign where the experience is light and the ages are enviable. I think the only candidate that could get away with this is Hatch as he has a 30 year record with the DFL party and a 20 year record serving the citizens of Minnesota. His personality and name rec over-shadows the youth.

A good campaign will have a healthy mix of both youth and experience, and traditional party insiders as well as those who come from outside the DFL processes.

Get mad at the Lourey campaign if you want but, look at yours. Kelley is coming up on one year in this race. He raised decent money. His staff is from all over the state. Yet, he finds himself, not in a struggle with Hatch (who has been pretty low-key this cycle), but with Lourey who got in the race six months beyond Kelley, supposedly has no money, bad strategy, no message, a mean-spirited staff and a cow uterus story. Who put him there? If it wasn't Lourey's strength, it has to be his campaign.
Even experienced campaign staff across the spectrum from ravenous reactionary Republican to loony liberal Democrats sometimes don't know much about the blogosphere or the caveats that go along with getting involved in it. I don't blame any staffers for their mistakes in this venue as long as they own up to it.

That I am not *yet a property-owner does not mean I don't care about property taxes and related issues. That I don't *yet have children doesn't mean I can't comment on the state of public education - after all, change and progress effected now will have an effect on my children and family in the future.

You can take what I write with a grain of salt or not. This is yet another ad hominem attack, however - Joe is not a homeowner, so Joe can't comment on property tax issues. It's bogus, Jay. I'm educated, I'm engaged, I know the issues, and I can effectively argue my points with anyone. I don't expect you to listen to me, I hope you discuss with me. That's what this medium is about.

As for all three campaigns - of course Hatch has been low-key. I don't claim to be an insider, but look at the facts - he's going to the primary. He has no reason to work hard now. Long-term, Kelley's competition is Hatch (duh). Short-term, it's Lourey, since she's put forth the most effort into the endorsement.

I agree with past analyses elsewhere that have stated, essentially, that the State Convention will be a referendum on whether Steve Kelley deserves to be on the primary ballot in September. I believe he has earned that right through his work in the Senate and on the campaign trail.

Lastly, I'm not sure who told you I'm from Wayzata, but they are entirely and 100% wrong. I'm only rich in my friends and loved ones, so tell your erroneous tipster to shove it.

Blogger Jay said:
So, you blamed Lourey staffers for a lot of innuendo over that last few months. Foul play was discovered on the Kelley end and now staffers are off-limits?

Kelley releases his numbers, its not desperate or pathetic. Lourey releases what they beleive to be corrections on those numbers and explain their method yet, they are labled as desperate, pathetic, spiteful (trillin) and mean-spirited because they speculated on how Steve Kelley, the smartest man in the senate, could have drawn that conclusion. They said it had to be to the inexperience of the staff.
Shame on them. Now you'll never vote for Lourey. Is Pam McCrory still on payroll?

You may not be from Wayzata proper, but you are certainly in the same dining room.
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
The Lourey Campaign's release was neither desperate nor pathetic. It *was* spiteful, but that's not the issue anymore is it?

I don't know to which dining room you refer, but it would have to be pretty big to put me anywhere near Wayzata. Just where do you think I live, praytell? I'm still waiting for an answer on who told you my name and just how "rich" I am.
Blogger Jay said:
Minnetonka. You that crime ridden, poverty stricken poor burb?
What high school did you graduate from just six years ago?
Blogger Flash said:
MNCR, Don't feed the trolls. (Disclosure: 45, Public school educator, 3 teenaged boys in the house and a 19 year old Marine who is on Pre-deployment in the Atlantic. That ought to cover all the bases)

Anyway, what would have been an endorsement battle and inevitable primary is now boiling down to a Hatch run-a-way. No thanks to the bitterness that has been created between the Kelley and Lourey campaigns.

I'm riding this one out for now.

Blogger Guy said:
Jay, since you are disregarding Joe for being too young to be considered credible, I find it interesting to see you throw the equivalent of a blogging 2-year-old temper tantrum in the middle of Aisle 5.

Face it, your candidate pulled a doozey of a bad move. It doesn't make her a bad person, it just shows that her campaign is focusing its efforts on numbers that won't matter in two months.

It doesn't matter how experienced or inexperienced Lourey's or any other candidate's campaign staff is, what matters is getting a DFLer back in the Governor's Mansion (I mean a real DFLer, not Mike Hatch). Losing sight of that is a very bad omen.
Blogger reslez said:
Since when do you have to own property to be able to comment on a political race? Is this a democracy or feudal Europe?

I don't see how marital status has anything to do with anything, either, much less how it means it's OK to ignore someone else's opinion. Do we all have to have a spouse, kids and a house in our 20s? There are an awful lot of people who don't meet that criteria. I, for one, believe that everyone should participate in the political process; we are all citizens.

I wish Jay would appreciate the good fortune he has in being a happily married homeowner rather than casting asperions on those who don't enjoy the good fortune he does.
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