Monday, April 17, 2006


I'm Behind the Times...

I can admit that. Tim Walz outraised Gil Gutknecht in Q1 2006. This is a big event - no incumbent should ever get outraised by a political novice. It will be interesting to see how strong Mr. Gutknecht's fundraising response is in Q2 - although he still has a large cash advantage, going into the stretch run he will almost certainly want to build some kind of momentum into his campaign. That his recent fundraiser starring John McCain apparently was a flop bodes well for Mr. Walz's campaign.

As for the mention of these numbers at Swing State Project....who is DFLer22? It's gotta be one of us. I'd tell you what my moniker is over there, but really, if you can't figure it out....well. You know. Anyway, there are several online personas I wouldn't mind knowing a bit more real-life information about....ramble ramble ramble. Get outside and enjoy the weather. Once you've clicked on my Google Ads, of course.

Blogger North Star Politics said:
What are you talking about? I thought every blogosphere figure knew every other blogosphere figure...
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
Hehehe....yeah well.
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Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
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