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Have You Noticed Molligator?

In case you haven't, there's been a little brou-ha-ha going on 'round these parts lately. The Molligator blog issue bit me and several other folks rather hard. So for the edification of Jay, who erroneously claimed that I would be a snivelling, lying animal on the issue, I'm posting directly on it.

Here's what happened (this sequence of events can also be found over at Polinaut, where I originally posted it for Bob Collins's review):
  1. I plugged the Molligator blog yesterday, not knowing who was behind it.
  2. I got an email indentifying Pam McCrory as the author, along with some choice words for the Kelley campaign.
  3. I relayed the allegations to Kelley campaign staff in the form of questions - namely, is this true, and were you guys aware of it?
  4. While the campaign staff was expressing their skepticism at the allegations, Pam McCrory confirmed that she was behind the blog. (Implicit in their response was a denial that the campaign had anything to do with the blog itself. I have offered the opportunity for Bob Collins from MPR to review my correspondence with the campaign, under the condition that it not be re-published. It's private, after all. Hopefully Mr. Collins will take me up on it and can corroberate my factual claim that the campaign did not know what was going on, and took immediate steps to mitigate the issue.)
  5. I responded to the campaign staff that I thought it was an extremely bad situation to get into.
  6. Pam McCrory removed the Molligator blog - whether it was a voluntary move or directed by the campaign, I do not yet know.
  7. At some point late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning, the Backbone MN thread and Blue Ox's work appeared. I followed with a retraction of my plug and have been continuing to respond to some pretty nasty, and frankly untrue, charges (see commenter "Jay") toward the Kelley campaign ever since.
Those are the facts. As Eva Young has mentioned, I've been transparent for a long time regarding my past work and continuing support for the Kelley campaign, and my support for Steve Kelley has not wavered. I've been in close communication with Matt Filner and Jessica Null since this issue broke in order both to make sure the campaign does what it needs to in order to mitigate the problem, and to make sure they're aware of where the story goes. My sincere apologies to all readers for not thoroughly vetting a blog link and its contents before plugging it. I assure you that I will be more careful in the future. My integrity both as a writer and as a Democrat dictates that such care be taken.

The fact remains, however, that this story has nowhere else to go, other than to give frothing partisans like Mr. Jay something to scream about in their comments. Win, lose, or draw, I'll be behind the eventual DFL nominee, and will do my best here and in the corporeal world to make sure they beat Pawlenty. I'm not sure the same can be said for people like Jay. Can it?

Blogger Minnesota Democrats Exposed said:
MN CR Report: You have gone above and beyond the call of duty to explain what happend. While I disagree with your politics, I respect you for your honesty.

It's clear to me you respect the medium of blogging. Your response to this situation has been highly commendable.
Blogger Trillin said:

I totaly agree. Guess this is our "once a month moment of agreement"
Blogger Minnesota Democrats Exposed said:
Damn you Trillin, you are correct.
Blogger Trillin said:
I try and stay on top of things from my bunker in Withrop, MN MDE. Oh waite...I have said too much...

Forget everything I just said
Blogger lloydletta said:
I wrote Steve Kelley for comment, and never got a response. I think since the blog is gone, it's now a non-story. Blue Ox deserves kudos for breaking this one.
Blogger Molligator said:
Please see my apology (Pam McCrory) posted at:
Thank you.
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