Friday, April 28, 2006


From the Comments

In response to my previous post on the Lourey delegate numbers, frequent commenter Jay (also known as David Ziegler) decides to go berserk with my archives. Check out his comment below, seriously. That is a LOT of links he looked through. Here's just an excerpt, however:
You're mad at them for saying that the Kelley staff lack in-depth experience at this process?

From their release the day before, they were clearly taking a shot at Lourey by marking an arrow of what they beleive Lourey numbers to be. In this case their attempt was suttle [sic], but evident. The problem is, as pointed out, you can only account for your own numbers.

Pam Mccrory, a Kelley staffer, was also extremly disrespectful and insulting to the Lourey staff and the candidate. She's still a staffer and you seem to brush that under the rug. You (Joe Bodell), a recent former staffer and still very close to the campaign, have used your blog as a PR peice for Steve Kelley as well as a venue to attack Lourey and her campaign:
First - congratulations. As I've noted before, my goal has not been to protect my true identity at all costs, but I haven't gone out of my way to reveal myself to the world. That being said, you're not the first person who's been able to identify me. I'm curious, did you research me yourself, or did you get a tip? (the question isn't rhetorical, I'm really interested, if you're willing to tell me the truth).

Second, I'm not up in arms over them saying the Kelley staff has a lack of in-depth experience before this campaign. I'm up in arms over them saying that their numbers are more accurate because the Kelley staff is lighter on experience before this campaign. That is a mean-spirited argument, and says nothing about the Lourey campaign's numbers, but rather seeks to discredit Kelley's numbers by discrediting his staff's experience.

Third, I'm not brushing Pam McCrory under the rug. She is a wonderful person, a hard worker, and she screwed up. She's human. She's admitted as much. We've also already established that her activities as Molligator were on her own time and not in sight of the campaign or its staff, so your usage of the episode to illustrate campaign-level attacks against Becky Lourey is specious at best.

There is one issue remaining. It's your near-obsessive search through my archives. I encourage you to look back and see where I was trying to mislead readers about my loyalties to persuade them to support Steve Kelley. I have never done so - on the contrary, I have from the first time I wrote on the gubernatorial race been open and honest about my past role on the campaign (by the way, I was off the campaign by November, so your note about my November post "as a staffer" is incorrect). My point here is that I call things how I see them. Call it biased, call it whatever you want. I call it my honest viewpoint. Was the grain of salt I issued with Kelley's most recent numbers not enough for you, Mr. Ziegler?

I could respond point-by-point further into your comment, Jay...but I don't have time or effort to expend on it. We're all Democrats, and the less time we spend overtly attacking each other for who we've worked for, what we've done, and for how long, the better off we will all be in November.

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