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Of course, as soon as I hit PUBLISH POST, that's when some HUGE piece of news will hit. Rooting around for good material in the last week has been tough, made more difficult by the fact that my anniversary was this week, so the fiancee and I have been out doing romantical things together. It's frustrating to think that once we actually get married, our anniversary-year indicator flips back to zero and we start over....sigh. Time marches inexorably onward.

I went to my Senate District meeting last night, and got to hear brief talks from two DFL candidates for Congress in CD3, Tommy Johnson (who has filed) and Wendy Wilde, nee of Air America, who has not filed. Ms. Wilde brings a bit more celebrity to the race, and Mr. Johnson brings a veteran's view of politics. I applaud them both for putting themselves on the line, but I'm not so high on the chances of either one to unseat Jim Ramstad, especially in light of David Kirchner's latest educational piece over at The Analyst. Ramstad is unassailable without a long, organized, well-funded campaign, and starting this far into the year probably won't be good enough for either one of these fine people.

I do have some news, however - in the next week I'll be doing more candidate interviews! Details are still fuzzy, but I think the blogosphere will be happy to read more from these candidates. Efforts are underway to get a spot with two opponents for the DFL nomination, for fairness's sake, but these should be really good - more details to come :-).

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