Saturday, April 01, 2006


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HUGE news for DFL gubernatorial candidates and state convention delegates! Sources indicate that Tim Pawlenty has decided not to run for re-election, in order to focus on plans for 2008. Early indications are that Lt. Governor Carol Molnau is the frontrunner to replace Pawlenty on the Republican ticket, but her lack of name recognition among independents and even some Republicans will most likely not help her in the end game.

Wow. April Fools :-D!!! What does this mean?

Blogger mike said:
The writing has been on the wall for this for this since the smoking tax/fee was overruled by the courts. I wouldn't be shocked if Molnau finds a challange from St Cloud Mayor Dave Klies.

This could be a lot like the situation in CD 5 we could have 12 candidates by the end of the day. I hope you can keep us posted on further developments throughout the day.

Still nothing on this at MDE I guess the Republicans aren't willing to race reality yet.

By the way theres this light colored text in your post that I couldn't make out. You should edit that out.
Blogger mike said:
Just heared on the Kare 11 morning news Kelly Doran is considering getting in the race for the GOP. I'm searching for something on the internet, but can't find anything yet.
Blogger anon said:
April Fools.....!!
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