Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Beautiful Day

Days like this remind me all too painfully that I get the singular satisfaction of working inside, staring at a computer, with a window to taunt me with the gorgeous weather outdoors. I started my herb garden yesterday, hopefully it won't freeze on me and I'll actually have some fresh herbs to use later on this season.

At least I have dual monitors. Anyway.

But back to the action! I've never been one to bury my own content - either scroll down or click here to read my interview with Tim Walz. I look forward to meeting the candidate in the flesh, at latest by the State Convention. It sounds like he's got a great team and they're running a strong campaign. It will be very interesting to see what independent polls look like for MN-01.

I was contacted recently by a representative from one of the several campaigns for CD5's congressional seat, so there might be yet another interview in the offing. Perhaps at some point down the road, when I have this interviewing thing down pat, I'll go beyond it and set up a multi-candidate online forum....but right now I think the logistics of having 10+ candidates in one chat room at the same time would be nothing short of ridiculous.

In a (seemingly) rare non-interview-related note, how about this - dKosopedia. It's something I've been thinking about for a while, but why re-invent the wheel? We should have a centralized source for non-partisan candidate information for all of us - bloggers, campaigns, voters - to draw from. If you're reading this, certainly you have some information on various candidates locked up inside your head. Why not contribute to the general knowledge base?

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