Friday, April 14, 2006



I started MNCR last August in a fit of something resembling summer boredom. It quickly grew into an outgrowth of what I think I have to offer the political process, so I just as quickly decided I required tools that would allow me to track just how many people were hitting my new e-toy. Around September I added that silly little hit counter you see on the left - and by silly, I do mean silly. It's just a little javascript gadget, and between September and February 18th, when I last posted on these facts, it registered 10,000 hits. Yesterday I realized that at some point recently it passed 20,000. So while it's not the most accurate gauge in the world, it's something to go along with Google Analytics, which if you have it, you know that it is only slightly less addictive than crack. I'm glad readers keep coming back, and encourage you all to keep doing so.

I'll have a post up on some tax policy and politics issues later in the day, but observe for your reading pleasure the organization of candidate interviews in the sidebar. I hope to have several more congressional and state house candidates to accompany Ms. Madore and Mr. Walz on their adventures in MNCR-space. Until then, enjoy the weather - if it's nice this weekend you'll find me out on some government-funded bike trails.

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