Monday, March 06, 2006


A Whole Lot Going On

Well, not really. Ford Bell and Amy Klobuchar debated each other, then debated Mark Kennedy - all indications are that either DFLer will beat the pants off of their Republican adversary in a heads-up race. Speaking of Kennedy, someone please tell me I'm not crazy - does he not look a tad like Marty Feldman? Sure the debate photo is smallish, and sure the point has been made on dKos, but really!

On the gubernatorial side, I think the natives are getting a bit restless. All over the local blogosphere (the blog-sector?), the intra-DFL sniping is starting to get a bit nasty. Of course I'm sure MDE will take that line out of context and use it to "prove" that the DFL is engaged in an episode of cannibalistic infighting, but no matter. It's not necessarily a bad thing - an honest debate among candidates and their supporters can provide ample opportunity to make sure we have the best candidate in November. But some of the things I've seen written and heard stories of in the real world make me think some of us aren't looking at the big picture - beating Pawlenty. That is the most important thing here, folks. You know who you are.

In local news, via MN Publius, Andrew Borene has obtained SEIU's endorsement for State Senate. It's great to see labor unions being politically involved at the local level as well as the state and national level, recognizing that local leaders grow into state and national leaders.

Precinct caucuses are tomorrow - you'll find me somewhere in the SD43 caucuses. Bonus points to anyone who actually introduces themselves and correctly identifies me :-)

Blogger reslez said:
Just thought I'd drop a note how much I enjoy reading your site. This will be my first time at a caucus but I thought I'd give it a shot this year (SD42). Good luck tonight!
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
Thanks! Best of luck to you as well.
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