Thursday, March 23, 2006


Wege on the Hate-Gays Rally

I could repeat The Wege's take on the recent gay-hating rally at the State Capitol, but really, copying and pasting will do the trick.
Fag bashers are the worst of the worst, the Phelpsian haters who suck the humanity out of any room they enter.

No younger person alive today will be proud to admit to fag bashing in their old age. Things will change that much, it's an unavoidable by-product of urbanization. Crowd people together and you have to learn to live with your differences.

It's not a coincidence so many of the anti-gay marriage people live outstate. The smaller the community, the less chance there is you'll be challenged on your ignorance and intolerance. But rustification doesn't make hatred any more charming, and, contrary to what Coleman says further down in his column, slickness doesn't really help sell the sickness these people carry inside themselves.

The Charlie Makidons may get their way, but it won't be because of the narrow-minded so-called men of God who are "praying" for an anti-gay marriage referendum in Minnesota this fall. Theirs is an Old Testament God, a God that strikes people down for eating shrimp or having sex with their spouse during "that time of the month." They may be serious people, but no one's taking them seriously except the whackos and haters.
I would only add that no one will take them seriously as long as those of us with true compassion and understanding of the Constitution and its conditions make sure we stand up to show these misguided fools why they're wrong.

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Blogger lloydletta said:
I think Wege is wrong in assuming that people are more bigoted in small towns. I think when the issues are discussed in small towns, people learn to get along.

There's also more anti-gay animus in the city than many like to acknowledge.
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