Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Update: Shenanigans Averted

You can scroll down to read the entire post regarding a report I published yesterday about some potential DFL cannibalism in the gubernatorial race. I got some constructive comments from both Joseph Barisonzi, the Lourey campaign manager, and Eric Mitchell, their Political Director.

An excerpt of Eric's comment:
Am I critical of Democrats when I think they are acting weak, cautious, illogical or pandering? There is evidence of that. Hell, I'm an activist too. I want strong representation.

As a campaign offical/employee however, my opinion is self-silenced through November. It's the professional thing to do. Whomever we nominate, I will be in support of strongly and work for tirelessly.

I can assure you that the campaign staff is not involved in a tactical effort to smear Kelley. I wouldn't be a part of it. I've done this long enough to know that the opposition is the Republican candidate(whomever it may be).

In this game, you have to know that one year you're working against someone who may be working above/beneath/or with you in the next election. It does no good to eat your own and burn bridges for a short term gain. You make your case for your campaign, then if it works out, you reach out to the others, if it doesn't, you call them up to ask how you can be helpful in taking down the Republicans. That is the end game- a DFLer in office.
I like Eric's attitude toward the end goal. As I noted in my response comment, if this is a campaign-sanctioned response, given as a representative of the campaign, then I think we've all found some constructive common ground, especially if it means there won't be any attack-style negative campaign tactics before the general election.

I'm still working on that post regarding V for Vendetta - still thinking about the movie too. Good stuff. Go see it this weekend.

Blogger Gareth said:
Good post. I don’t know, it sure seemed like a coordinated effort to me (on behalf of the Lourey campaign). Ardent support for a candidate is one thing, but this was misrepresentation on a scale that would make a republican blush.

We’ll see. If Lourey’s campaign crazies calm down, then maybe I’ll reconsider supporting her at my district convention.

For now, it is Steve Kelley.
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