Friday, March 24, 2006


Silent Sponge

Do I blame Sponge for going off the air in response to threats against his family? Not one bit.

But what I wouldn't give for ten minutes alone in a windowless room with the slime(s) that made those threats.

I think I've made it pretty clear in my blog that I like to argue politics - with anyone. Lefties, moderates, radical conservatives, whoever. That's the essence of the game. If one positive thing comes out of the catfights between the Left and Right hemispheres of Minnesota's blog-brain every three or four months, I'd say all the time spent at keyboards early in the morning and late into the night has been a resounding success.

It's not just slimy to make thinly veiled threats against a writer's family. It's cowardly. Cheap, to be sure, and the mark of a human so bereft of common decency as to make that waste of flesh and air worthy of ridicule. But most of all, it's the mark of a coward, who dares to make threats without identifying themselves. A coward who needs that rush of false self-esteem they must have felt upon hitting that SEND button.

Sponge said more than once in his last post that it was not, to the best of his knowledge, directly politically motivated. I can accept that. Whatever the source, however, the tactic smacks of the intimidation of independent media once found under Nazi and Soviet regimes. Frankly, I don't give a damn who thinks I'm comparing them to Nazis. Whoever would sink so low as to threaten a blogger's family because of something that blogger wrote demonstrates both lack of capacity for and active opposition to the principles at the core of American democracy.

If you were involved in this travesty, and you're reading this - Congratulations. I hope you appreciate how unworthy you are of the freedom you are privileged to have.


Blogger lloydletta said:
That's too bad what happened to Sponge - and I hope he reconsiders and decides to blog again.
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