Thursday, March 30, 2006


Shenanigans Post-Mortem

Nothing like codeine-laden cough syrup to completely wonkify a guy's sleep pattern....yes it's 3:00 AM. Yes I'm already awake...Sigh.

As for the business that's been going on here over the past 24 hours - PatMN is right. As a partisan within this matter, I have my own thoughts on where blame lies, but the truth of the matter is that blame doesn't matter. I can say all I want that I think the Kelley campaign's parrying response was mandated by the Lourey camp's thrust and Kelley's promise to abide by the DFL endorsement, but at the end of the day, that doesn't matter either.

At this point, as far as the blogosphere is concerned, is that we all recognize that these volleys back and forth are rhetoric. If all three campaigns published their aggregate delegate counts, then readers and observers would sigh and say "well, of course 's campaign shows with a lead," supporters would believe what they want to believe, and the proof will still be in the pudding in June. But it's all still just campaign rhetoric. My time might have been better spent fisking Shawn Towles's "analysis" on the dust-up, which was a whole lot worse than the Lourey campaign's rhetoric, since it comes from a self-proclaimed "observer" but contains more than a little unsubstantiated editorialism. Unfortunately I can't get into that one just yet. Maybe later today.

My one disagreement with PatMN is on the issue of a united progressive ticket of Kelley/Lourey. If there's one thing politicians have to be able to do, it's to put past campaign transgressions behind them, especially in campaign season. A LOT could happen between now and, say, late June. We're all just going to have to keep working at it and see what happens, rhetoric be damned.

Blogger Eric_Mitchell said:
Ditto that last paragraph.
Blogger reslez said:
I can only comment on the convention I attended, but from what I've seen the Kelley campaign was the best organized and had far more support. They were also the only campaign to contact me and ask for my support before the convention. Of the uncommitted/Klobuchar delegates I spoke to at the convention, almost all of them were firmly for Kelley. I personally subcaucused with a Klobuchar delegation and we made sure to elect Kelley supporters.

However, as I said I can only speak for the convention I attended (SD42); Lourey and Hatch came in distant 2nd and 3rd respectively.
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
Hey! Which sub-caucus were you in at SD42? Just out of curiosity. If you don't want to publish it feel free to email me at the link in the upper left....Just interested.
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