Sunday, March 19, 2006


SD43 Convention

The entire day was a lot of fun. Long, but fun. Plenty of candidates showed up, sign wars were interesting, the actual convention business actually went surprisingly smoothly, minus a few episodes where folks noticed precinct-approved resolutions that didn't make it on to the resolution ballot for one reason or another. The actual caucusing process went mostly as expected, though I have to imagine that Ford Bell's folks were disappointed that the time he spent in showing up to speak only garnered him one guaranteed delegate.

We also had an appearance from Dustin Triced, the DNC's field staffer assigned to the 3rd CD. Love Howard Dean or hate Howard Dean, you can't say he's not following through on getting Democratic party operatives in as many congressional districts as possible, whether it's a rural Oklahoma CD or a moderate suburban one in Minnesota. It'll be great to have him onboard in DFL operations in the next two election cycles, although I'm still not sure I have the spelling of his name correct.

As far as the brou-ha-ha in CD5 goes, there's a name that's largely been left out of speculation over the race - Steve Simon from St. Louis Park. Let's think long-term here. He doesn't have a whole ton of political capital invested in the state legislature, being one of 2004's "New DFLers". If he could survive what figures to be a bruising primary battle, he'll be sitting in one of the country's safest Democratic congressional seats, and is young enough that, say...ten years down the road, he would be in a position to wield a tremendous amount of national influence on the part of the Twin Cities for literally decades to come.

Just my two cents. For what it's worth, I think the guy deserves a shot.

Blogger Dan Weinand said:
I was there too, but if we crossed paths I wasn't smart enough to figure it out at the time.

Incidentally, Dustin Trice is our new staffer. Hopefully, we'll see great things from him.
Blogger reslez said:
I'll be at SD42 this Saturday. Amusingly enough this evening I got a phone call from the Kelley campaign asking who I'm supporting for governor. They must have actual people dialing the numbers. I surmise this because I hang up right away if I answer the phone and there's nobody there--this is a dead giveaway of a machine AFAIK (I figure that if I hang up on a real person they'll call me back anyway... sorry Mom!) Anyway I'll be interested to see how the Fightin' 42nd turns out.
Blogger notlimah said:
Unfortunately, I spoke with Steve Simon and he said he is not going to run. I too think he would have been great. However, for the exact reasons you point out at the end of your posting I think Mike Erlandson is the best candidate.
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