Friday, March 10, 2006


Say what you want...

About Steve Kelley - but his campaign manager, Matt Filner, is a smart guy. His response to a negative comment about the campaign's strategy is long-ish for the blog format, but it's worth a read to us all.

This business between Mark Kennedy's campaign and DailyKos leaves an extremely bad taste in my mouth. It's not for political partisans to decide what constitutes "the mainstream," since their attitudes and political values will, by their very definition, cause them to think of the opposition of "out of the mainstream." One thing is for certain, however - the entire episode demonstrates a severe lack of blogosphere acumen on the part of the Kennedy campaign. The reason DailyKos is popular is not what Kennedy would have us believe - that is, "all liberals are out-of-touch, tree-hugging hippie wackos". That's completely untrue, and makes one wonder how a conservative claims to know how a progressive blog community works.

The reason DailyKos is popular is that Markos and his front-pagers take all political figures to task - Democrat, Republican, whoever - if their actions don't live up to their rhetoric, and don't live up to that hallowed document our Congressmen, Senators, and President are sworn to uphold. People are tired of political talk coming only from people whose loyalties are to Party First, and What's Right Second. That the DailyKos community is progressive and stands up on principle against the horrific things coming out of the mouths of the radical Right is immaterial. That the Kennedy campaign thinks that Amy Klobuchar's efforts to engage that community in the US Senate race in Minnesota is symptomatic of....desperation? Flailing about for anything to stick on the Hennepin County Attorney who, thus far in the campaign, has been made of Teflon?

Blogger Trillin said:
It is your basic Republican tatic...attack attack attack, even when there is nothing to attack to hide your own ugly truth
Blogger reslez said:
Filner's blog post was really interesting. The comments were even better.

I'm personally not a fan of Hatch. If Kelley drops out I don't intend to do much more than vote this year. I'll be a delegate on the 25th and it will be interesting to see if the DFL dooms itself again. I can't believe the DFL is making the same mistake as the national party. We have to fight statewide, not just DFL strongholds, to take out Pawlenty.

"True Blue" MN is the state of Humphrey, Mondale and Wellstone. Our #1 goal should be to spare ourselves the indignity of a Republican presidential hopeful.
Blogger Velveeta S said:
This sort of nonsense is what MDE increasingly relies on in order to generate daily posts and look as if there's activity there.

Some of us suspect that since Brodkorb was outed as a Republican operative (former RPM research director no less), his sources within the DFL have dried up. Democrats wised up that perhaps there are better ways to fight internal party battles than to hand information to the Republican Party.

Let the RPM spend its own resources to conduct oppo research.
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
I've found that MDE has relied increasingly on highlighted sections of news articles from the Strib and Pi-Press for his content - but you're right, I think his sources have dried up considerably. I think the difference now is that intra-party battles in the DFL, at least in the blogosphere, can be waged in a totally public court of opinion, where all of us single-candidate partisans can acknowledge our roles and support....

I'm getting ahead of myself. Keep track for a post on the matter lately, but my annoyance level is about to rise to Hit-The-Fan levels. More to come later in the day, hopefully it won't get lost in the weekend drop in traffic
Blogger GOPnightmare said:
I read Filner's blog and got to honestly say that I don't see where the nagative comment is. David basically asked if the strategy to push Kelley as the only one who can beat Pawlenty really resonating with the DFL? They gave him 3rd place on Tuesday night. While he and Lourey were virtually tied in numbers, she lapped him when it came to districts. She lapped him on most of the districts that Mike came in first too. So, the question is as suggested, Is their strategy good enough to even get Kelley through the endorsement? There is a lot of time left.

Spinning Tuesday as a victory for Steve is one thing- and needed to keep volunteers involved. Beleive that spin yourself (Filner), will not change the results or address the future needs to be successful. Filner has not shown that his strategy is a successful one.
Blogger Minnesota Democrats Exposed said:

My sources have not dried up.
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