Thursday, March 02, 2006


Republican Strategy

I try, whenever possible, to stay positive here, talk about DFL candidates, campaigns, politics in general...and offer snarky wonkishness from time to time, as the header suggests. But I've noticed what amounts to a simple, easy-to-remember-and-identify strategy used by the local Republican Party and their allies when they get caught with their pants down, as they have been with the flap over their recent CD, which did not specifically inform recipients that their data would be gathered by a sub-contractor and used by the MN-GOP.

And believe me, they DID get caught with their pants down. Here's the strategy as far as I can see:
  1. Attack the messenger. Attempt to discredit the author, and if that doesn't work, attack the author's employer and try to discredit them, no matter how old the news is.
  2. Attack the DFL for "making it a political issue."
  3. Make some distasteful jokes about Ted Kennedy.
  4. Do everything possible to make it look like DFL-affiliated organizations "do the same thing," so it's not so bad. You see? Everyone does it; it's the nature of the game, we're no worse than they are. See? See? Don't hate the player, hate the game! We're defending your values here! See?
  5. Lather, rinse, repeat; hope like hell the media and voters get bored of the story before Election Day.
Sheesh, and that's just linking to MDE. I didn't even bother looking through any other right-leaning blogs on the issue. We saw this strategy with the Abramoff scandal, and we're seeing it employed at the local level too. Look, admit the GOP screwed up, forgot to include a privacy policy, and will include it in the public release of the CD, and we can all get back to beating each other up over issues that actually matter.

But the fact is, the more the Republican Noise Machine utilizes this strategy, the more people are going to catch on to the fact that this is the plan and they stick to it ruthlessly. It's just not working as well anymore.

[INSTANT UPDATE]: Perhaps the "Don't hate the player..." thing was a bit over the top. I can't imagine many Republican elected officials, or Democrats for that matter, EVER saying that. It just felt so good to type it :).

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