Friday, March 10, 2006


Open Thread Experiment

My traffic has been at its highest levels to date over the last two weeks, so perhaps an open thread wouldn't be a bad idea. So: without resorting to campaigning for your favorite guy/gal running for office (of which I know, I'm occasionally guilty), which local and/or state races are drawing your attention right now? Recent events? Anything campaign-related - left, right, or other. What's on your mind?

On my mind - how does Northstar Politics get the MINNESOTA link on MyDD's state-by-state blogroll? Someone been passing the benjamins Bowers' way, NSP? ;-)

Blogger North Star Politics said:
Oh boy, I still haven't mentioned that on my site; I'll have to do that right now. To answer your question, I got that link because I write...errr...the gosh-darned best Minnesota political blog around. :)
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
I'm not gonna lie about it - I left a link to my blog in that big 50-state post they had a couple weeks ago in hopes that they'd do something similar for me, but I saw your URL up there and did a double-take! I know that blogger.....'s writing.....

That is awesome, in any case. I'm sure the new format made them woozy with delight :)
Blogger North Star Politics said:
Haha, thank you.
Blogger MN Liberal said:
Local races to watch:

1. Anything from Rochester (district 30). House DFLers won close races in 2004, each by less than 500 votes. Former Rep. Carla Nelson is challenging current Rep. Tina Liebling. Kiscaden's seat is open in the Senate.

2. House 42a (Eden Prairie), represented by DFLer Maria Ruud. Sviggum called this the biggest surprise of 2004. The GOP will be gunning for her; if she wins reelection, it should be a great night for the DFL.

3. Senate 27 (Austin). Dan Sparks (DFL) defeated incumbant Grace Schwab in 2002 by 7 votes out of 30,000 cast. No word on a rematch, or who is even running against Sen. Sparks.

4. Senate 43 (Terri Bonhoff). It appears headed for a Bonhoff-Judy Johnson rematch. Can the GOP recapture one of their seats?

5. Senate 8. Lourey's seat. It leans DFL but has some GOP ties. A GOP victory here would be a good sign for the party.

6. Senate 25 (currently held by Tom Neuville, Republican). In 2000 and 2002, Neuville defeated Jim Mladek 53-47 each time. Now, Neuville faces Ted Ludwig, the head of Northwest's mechanics union. Will national dissatisfaction with the GOP swing Northfield (and it's college kids) to the DFL. Or will Neuville return to the Senate for a 6th term?

7. Senate 23. John Hottinger only won by 1,000 votes in 2002, although he was a victim of redistricting. Even though the DFL holds both representative seats, Mankato could go GOP. Kathleen Sheran (DFL) v. Mark Piepho (GOP).

8. House 57a (Cottage Grove). With Rep. Katie Sieben (DFL) running for state Senate, will the GOP pick up a seat?

9. Senate 4. Currently held by Carrie Ruud (GOP). Ruud easily won election in 2004. But the DFL is running Irene Folstrom, a Stanford and Cornell Law School graduate who seeks to become the first Native American woman elected to the legislature.

10. Senate 33. Will the DFL even run someone against Gen Olson, who was first elected in 1982. (That is not an error.) If the DFL does, and if Sen. Olson does not receive over 60% of the vote, the GOP will be in for a long night.
Blogger MN Liberal said:
Wow, does my punctuation suck...
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