Friday, March 31, 2006


MPR on Gay Marriage in MA

I'm certain this article will inspire a few venom-laden screeds about how MPR's unconscionable liberal bias.

I say in response "Pffffffft."

Well? How has gay marriage changed Massachusetts? It sounds like a few thousand people have the same rights as their neighbors in case of medical emergency, untimely death, family issues, things like that. No pigs have flown, hell is still hot, Brownie's still doin' a heckuva job. Even if you don't acknowledge the importance of allowing these fellow citizens to publicly declare their mutual love, why would groups opposed to gay marriage disallow the purely civil rights that come along with marriage?
[Kris] Mineau opposes gay marriage because he believes heterosexual marriage is the glue that holds society together. He says the sole purpose of marriage is for the creation of children. He also insists that gay marriage and civil unions will erode the standard of marriage and says the children of gay and lesbian parents will be "unhealthy."

"Same-sex marriage simply says that the role of a father and a husband is irrelevant," Mineau said. "The role of a wife and mother is irrelevant. That they're interchangeable parts and we believe that they really aren't.

News flash: for all the harping about "traditional marriage," and "thousands of years of society," remember that until a couple hundred years ago, women were bought and sold as property. "Wife" was one tiny step above "slave." A man could have as many wives as he wanted, even if he wasn't Mormon. Until well after the United States declared independence, marriages were by and large economic agreements between families instead of statements of love.

Unhealthy children? Read the article. The kid in that first picture looks pretty healthy to me. Same-sex marriage doesn't say the mother and father are interchangeable - it merely says, and I think the Massachusetts experience proves it, that our community, our lives, our society, our culture will endure. Change, for sure, but these things will not come crashing down if we let the lesbians down the street sign off on each other's medical forms and raise children together. These reasons are bogus, and I think people like this Mineau character know it. They just don't want to come out and say they oppose gay marriage because they're uncomfortable around fags and dykes.

Change can't be prevented. Bigotry can. How about it, Minnesota? You don't have to overturn the current law - just don't let your votes this fall be driven by fear, conceit, and bigotry.

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