Monday, March 20, 2006


MN GOP Internet Strategy

1. Create simple-to-the-point-of-silly site format
2. Dig up dirt on target of attack
3. Buy up domain
4. Pour mud into formatted mold
5. Publish
6. Repeat, using same template. Same. Exact. Template.

Surely, Mark Drake, you could at least get one of your web designers to change the site template? Or were you just busting at the seams to get this drivel up on the internet?

Blogger lloydletta said:
The Mike Unhatched site has graphics that are quite catchy - and the site is humorous. The Sanding off the truth site doesn't have that humorous bite to it.
Blogger Jeff Fecke said:
The GOP posted a site! They win teh intarweb!
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