Thursday, March 09, 2006


MDE and I don't agree often on these things

But somehow, it happened. Wendy Wilde's most recent headline is, shall we say, a bit over the top. Satire is all well and good, but come on - making jokes about politicians needing a blow job is just in poor taste.

In better news, thanks to my readers and commenters for making yesterday MNCR's best day yet in terms of site traffic. Forgetting about political disagreements (which, contrary to the occasional tone of my replies, I do enjoy arguing with all of you) for a moment, it's a great honor that you guys see fit to read my opinions and analysis. Though I'd prefer a few more clicks on the ads over there on the right, being this engaged in the discussion truly is a reward unto itself.

Until I get that first check from Google. Then I'm going all corporate.

I commented about it earlier over at BBMN, but I really think those of us who make it to the DFL convention should make an attempt to meet up with each other. I'm not sure what we would discuss, but at very least it could be interesting to take a stab at what we can do as a group to support and empower the DFL ticket, both locally and at the state level.

I strongly support the wearing of funny hats as a means of mutual identification.

Blogger marg16 said:
there's a lot of Minnesotans discussing 2006 campaigns over here anbd it might be a good place to post some of your articles and then link back to your site to increase readership.
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