Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Lourey Campaign Returns Fire

From Andy Pomroy, Assistant Field Director, Lourey Campaign:
The press release we sent out should have read 1/2
elected. Sorry about the confusion. The gap between
the numbers we released today, which go further than
any other campaign by breaking it down to the CU
level, and the total elected are the uncommitted or
otherwise unknown to us.

We are not playing with numbers, but rather trying
to get the truth out about support for the various
candidates among the elected delegates. I respect
Steve Kelley, his campaign, and everyone working
for him, but to say their numbers are the only right
numbers is misleading.

I full well acknowledge that Kelley will show more
Kelley supporters than I do and Hatch will likely
show more Hatch supporters than I do. That doesn't
change what is true which is that both Hatch and
Lourey's numbers are similar and Kelley's are quite

Checks and Balances has posted on this today.

Post on this if you wish, or just use it for your
information. I look forward to reading more from
your blog.

I have to admit, at least the Lourey campaign takes the time to respond to the blogs.
And I do appreciate the last sentiment, and can let the 1/3 vs. 1/2 thing go - after all,
2 and 3 are right next to each other on the keyboard.

But this really furthers my point, Mr. Pomroy. For one thing, if you think that all three
campaigns will show their supporters leading the way, I find it difficult to then accept
your assertion that Hatch's and Lourey's numbers "are similar." How do you know
what Hatch's numbers show? You also have a close-to-zero probability of knowing
how in-depth other campaigns' numbers are - if you think the count other campaigns
are publishing is the only count they have, you're fooling yourself.

Also, the point is not to say that Kelley's numbers are the only right numbers - as I
think we can agree, there are a lot of undecideds. The point is that Kelley's numbers
are a lot more credible than yours right now. I'm not saying that just because I
support him, I'm saying that because I've seen first-hand the effort that's going into
1) Organizing SD/CU delegates pre-convention,
2) Organizing at conventions, and
3) Getting Kelley or a close surrogate in personal contact with each and every delegate,
regardless of where the campaign *thinks* they stand.

It's not a simple matter of whose numbers are right. Rather, it's a matter of whose
numbers are credible, and the Lourey's campaign's published numbers fail that test.
There are glaring holes in them, some noticed immediately by MN Liberal and
noted in a comment in my previous post. If you don't know, don't post things like
this on the campaign's website. I am not accusing the Lourey campaign of doctoring
the numbers, but it is disingenuous at best to publish these numbers in support of
Becky Lourey when they are so clearly inaccurate.

[UPDATE]: Obviously something's wrong with the formatting - Andy Pomroy, I think
your email screwed up my SPAN tags. Argh. No more copying and pasting directly
out of Yahoo! Mail....

Blogger Eric_Mitchell said:
Our hard count of OUR delegates are accurate and we stand by them. If your count of your delegates are correct, then it appears we are exactly where we were Caucus night.

Someone asked how do we know what Hatch think. Well, seeing that we are not at war and I've been doing this for a few years and come out of the same school that Hatch's folks do, I called and asked if what your campaign was putting out lined up with what they had. He said no.

We both could be wrong in the numbers assigned to Kelley, as only Team Kelley will know is they are doing their homework and follow-up. Just like we know what exactly we have at this point without speculating on 'Uncommitteds' that we have not contacted.
Without getting into percentages or specially worded spin, the count as of yesterday was 132. If Kelley has 130, and Hatch has about that plus his command on the super delegates, its right where it was Caucus night.

Calling my campaign liars is out of order. Its actually kind of fucked up. I do know from Capitol Press Corps what was being pushed as fact yesterday and that was fucked up.
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