Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I've had it up to here...

with Mike Grimes.

I'll give you the run-down - so I made an erroneous post about Peter Hutchinson's "advice" for Governor Pawlenty in his state of the state address coming up. Fine. That sparks some pro-Hutchinson comments, some of which have been coming up occasionally in this space and around the local blogosphere. Most of them have been made by "Mike". Okay, no problem. He runs MinnesotaMiddle, to which, believe you me, I'm reluctant to link. Note the third 'n' in Minnesota.

Then I see the following comment over at MN Publius in relation to the recent Rasmussen poll which has Hatch and Kelley even with or beating Tim Pawlenty in head-to-head matchups:

Given Peter Hutchinson will have a significant pressence in this race, I find head to head polls completly meaningless.

Sue Jeffers may very well finish in the 2 to 5% range also inpacting the race.
--Mike Grimes
Formatting has been removed...but I think...hey, that's probably the same Mike who's left pro-Hutchinson comments in my space. I wonder who he is? Now at least I have a last name to go on. Googled "Mike Grimes MN," and what's the first url? Hmm, Independence Party Officers. I wonder....yes. Mike Grimes, the purveyor of Minnesota Middle, is the Special Events chair of the Minnesota Independence Party.

Now, I'm not normally one to engage in these "gotcha" games in the blogosphere. I wasn't a fan of MDE's outing as a result of an email post months before Brodkorb actually revealed himself. I'm not a fan of playing these games with campaigns when document meta-tags are used against staffers who plainly have no clue about how technology licensing works.

But this pisses me off. I make no secret of my allegiances, my support, and my prior work on the Kelley campaign - on the contrary, I'm proud of it, and I go out of my way to help wherever I can. But that disclaimer is still over in my sidebar. Where's yours, Mike? Where's your disclaimer that you are, by Minnesota law, a representative of a major political party, and so your comments on your blog and other blogs should be taken with a grain of salt? I (with a wince) looked through your entire post archive, and couldn't find ONE spot where you declare your level of official involvement with the IP.

Blogging as just a concerned citizen who's supporting Peter Hutchinson in his gubernatorial bid is one thing. But when that same blog is being operated serruptitiously by an officer of the party on whose ticket Hutchinson will run, it smacks of tawdry little games, a political hack trying to exploit the blogosphere for its wide disseminatory power. You want your party to be a major player in this state, fine. Get out there, pound the pavement for a few years, and get the hard work done the old-fashioned way to make your party what you want it to be.

But you screwed up, Mike. Time to come out from behind the curtain, admit that your blog, your comments, and pretty much everything you've said about Peter Hutchinson is nothing more or less than the IP line.

Blogger mike said:
I'm just another citezen who happens to be a member of a political party who happens to have a need for party officers.

I'm no different then anyone else with a strong often biased political opinion. I started a blog, because quite frankley there are to many out there that make no effort to include Minnesota's third major party.

I don't care if you link my blog or not, but my opinion has just as much merit as the next guy.

If you go to my blog you will quickly relize that I am very involved in the party, and if you go to the web site you can quickly find out what my role is as you did.

I am not Minnesota Democrats Exposed I do not hide who I am.

I don't come out front with who I am because my blog is about what I think not the party.

You cannote that at the time I started my blog there was no indication that Robert Fitzgerald would be seeking the IP endorsement, yet I went out of my way to promote him.

I make no apologies for not going out of my way to tell you who I am, as it is not required to make my point.

You can now go on and believe that Peter Hutchinson has no chance, simply because I'm to much of an insider if you want, but I can tell you this for certain Steve Kelley has no chance of becoming the next governor of Minnesota, Minnesota has said no to stadiums countless times, Steve Kelley can't help but say yes. Minnesota has very aggressivly said they want education spending to be held in check Steve Kelley asks how much they want and then trys to give more.

The Next governor of Minnesota will be one of 3 people Mike Hatch Peter Hutchinon or Tim Pawlenty.
Blogger mike said:
Oh I should add this disclaimer since I brought up the subject of stadiums.

I work for the Minnesota Twins.

If you need any more reasons to write off your new found reality that Peter Hutchinson will be a factor in the governors race, just demand some more disclaimers.

I actually use my name on my blog.
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
As for your first comment, read the new post on the matter. However I just did a quick search of your blog, and nowhere did I find your last name, which would allow readers to confidently identify you.
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