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I get to go point-by-point!

I love it. Bold text quoted from Mike's comments to my last post. And a one, and a two, and a......

I'm just another citezen who happens to be a member of a political party who happens to have a need for party officers.

--Fair enough. Say so! People might be interested to hear a third-party-insider's take on state politics. As long as it's disclosed that that's what your blog is.

I'm no different then anyone else with a strong often biased political opinion. I started a blog, because quite frankley there are to many out there that make no effort to include Minnesota's third major party.

--Grammatical errors so far aside, the reason there are "too many out there that make no effort to include Minnesota's third major party" is because that party has close to zero elected officials, and just lost what I believe is their only state legislator to a DFL campaign.

I don't care if you link my blog or not, but my opinion has just as much merit as the next guy.

--Your opinion has merit. It gains credibility when it's yours, and you make it clear what role you play in your party and its candidates' campaigns.

If you go to my blog you will quickly relize that I am very involved in the party, and if you go to the web site you can quickly find out what my role is as you did.

--For exactly this purpose, I checked through your posts before I made my post on this subject. Plenty of DFL and GOP bloggers are active in their parties, but none that I am aware of A) hide their official involvement in their party hierarchy, and B) overtly support their party's candidates through their blog and commenting on others' blogs.


I don't come out front with who I am because my blog is about what I think not the party.

--This would be fair but for the fact that you didn't disclose your role - that's my point.


You can now go on and believe that Peter Hutchinson has no chance, simply because I'm to much of an insider if you want, but I can tell you this for certain Steve Kelley has no chance of becoming the next governor of Minnesota, Minnesota has said no to stadiums countless times, Steve Kelley can't help but say yes. Minnesota has very aggressivly said they want education spending to be held in check Steve Kelley asks how much they want and then trys to give more.

--With all due respect, you are incorrect. Minnesota, as a community, has said repeatedly that they want their children's schools to be fully-funded so that their children get the best public education possible. The Republican battle cry of "low taxes, small government" would be fine but that it requires poor funding of schools. (I steal a stump speech line from Kelly Doran here....) You want small government? Move to Mississippi. Their schools are the worst in the nation. You want quality public education to drive a strong, world-class state economy? Stay here in Minnesota and invest in education. THAT's what Minnesota wants, not "holding education funding in check". Education is the single biggest investment we can make in the future of this state, and its funding in the state budget has been held below inflation for far too long. THAT's what Steve Kelley will turn around as Governor.

The Next governor of Minnesota will be one of 3 people Mike Hatch Peter Hutchinon or Tim Pawlenty.

--We'll see, now won't we. But at least we know now where you stand and why. Here's my question, though - when (not if, but when) it becomes obvious that Hutchinson won't win, what will you do? What will he do? His positions are closer to those of the DFL candidates in the race, so will he stubbornly hang on to pull a Nader in 2000, or will the IP, which claims to oppose Tim Pawlenty almost as much as the DFL does, get behind someone who can beat him? Check out those Rasmussen polls, Mike.

I think I know the answer, and I don't like it.

Blogger mike said:
Hutchinson will remain in the race and remind the DFL that they didn't speak up when the ACLU blocked the use of instant run off elections for Roseville city council races. The real question is when will the DFL deal with the reality that the Independence Party is here to stay? There is a reason the voters didn't support Skip Humphrey and Roger Moe.

In 2004 the DFL line was anyone but Bush, but then they nominated the same old style of candidate. If the problem is Tim Pawlenty the DFL needs to give us an option that is better then Pawlenty. I think the reality is the DFL doesn't care about anything other then winning elections.

We didn't see full disclosure when the line was anyone but Bush. We didn't see a push for Instant Run off elections when the line was anyone but Bush. Minnesotans are ready to fire the governor and are just looking for a real option.

The public has indicated there thoughts on Skip Huphrey and Roger Moe. For Minnesota to go back to the DFL they will need something different. Until then there only hope will be to vote Republican or hope the Independence Party finds the right place and the right time in the election cycle to pull off another upset.
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
Well that's certainly a very interesting position from the IP. You should really post that on the MNIP's website though, not here.
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
Frankly, Mike, I'm done with this discussion. I'm not in this to let you use my blog so that we can hurl stump speech-quality lines at one another when nothing will come of it. You wanna talk about the issues in the gubernatorial race, and the candidates' positions on those issues, and what's best for Minnesota? Fine. But the fact is, that you and I aren't going to agree, we're just going to tread mud.

So I'm done with you. Bye now.
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