Thursday, March 30, 2006


I admit I'm a geek (or, a bit of semi-not-political levity)

So I'm watching The Matrix on TBS. The guy doing the color bits on commercial breaks is horrendously unfunny. But that's not the point.

Fantasy violence is okay for cable TV. Calling someone a bitch - that's okay. "Screw you"? Not so bad.

But I'm a geek. I've seen The Matrix a few times. I understand that some words are off-limits. I just wasn't aware that list included "God" (as in, Trinity: "God damn it") or "Jesus Christ" (as in, Neo: Jesus Christ, those things are real?) Am I over-sensitive, or has someone else noticed this?

"I know kung fu."
"Show me."

Blogger Waffle Tushie said:
Fits right in with my favorite stupid censorship moment when M-TV and Top 40 radio fuzzed the word "cocaine" in the Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow song "Pictures". Of course, K102, you know the station that plays the more "conservative" music called Country never did that.
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
I'm not sure where your comment means you stand on this one as it relates to words like "conservative". I wouldn't call Country music conservative at all - it's very much become a part of the pop music scene. Much to my dismay, but that's not the point.

If you're implying that it's a liberal bias on the part of the network, I think there's slightly more to it than that.
Blogger Waffle Tushie said:
I was attempting sarcasm with the word conservative in quotes. Its just my little bit of over reaction to my liberal and farther left friends who deride me for listening to country music because they think its so right wing. When in reality their Top 40 stations are the ones censoring the word cocaine.

I wasn't thinking in terms of liberal or conservative really, more wusses vs. non wusses.

Btw - I'm a leftie
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