Sunday, March 26, 2006


A Funny Story

I dropped by the SD44 Convention today. Being one of the few going on today instead of yesterday, it was crawling with campaign staffs. So I moseyed over to some of the Kelley folks, said hi, yakked for a few minutes while sub-caucuses were being called, and from my left I hear my name being called from the Hatch section. It's Ken Martin, well-known in DFL circles for years of political work. He says hi, extends his hand, and asks,

"Do I get the Where's Waldo award?"

One would have to ask Ken where between sheepish and surprised my expression fell. But yes, Ken, you do get kudos and this weekend's Where's Waldo award from MNCR :) Apparently Eva Young showed up and scoped things out at SD44, but we missed each other. I also met Dan Weinand yesterday at the SD42 Convention, which I must say was supremely well-organized - and fast for a gathering that large. We bloggers are everywhere.

So - in a low-bandwidth day, who's got good stories from the various conventions? Leave some comments, and watch this space tomorrow (Monday) night or early Tuesday morning for the transcript of an MNCR first - an interview with a candidate for the state legislature! Hopefully it will be the first of many.

Blogger U-DFL said:
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Blogger U-DFL said:
The young Democrats bloc can feel very satisfied after yesterday's conventions. Two of Olmsted county's 23 delegates are students at the University of Minnesota. The Senate District 59 convention saw even better numbers, with three U of M students being elected as delegates, and three as alternates.
Blogger U-DFL said:
If anyone's curious, the young DFLers have (according to my count-there may be many more out there) elected 11 students/young people to the state convention as well as 5 more alternates. This is about the size of an average County Unit Convention delegation. There are only 24 County Unit/Senate Districts that have more than 16 delegates, so we're doing pretty well so far, and should have some more coming in the next weeks.
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