Monday, March 13, 2006


Edwards St. Auditor campaign suspended

Northern Debater originally called Reggie Edwards' campaign "over" but responses indicate that Mr. Edwards is merely suspending his campaign until after the convention in order to avoid perception of wrongdoing with respect to his current employment.

I don't see this as much of a problem, to be honest. It's good that Mr. Edwards has the law (and trying in good faith not to violate it) at the forefront of his mind. But there's no reason for either candidate for State Auditor not to go to the September primary, if they can raise the money to be competitive. In my mind, a clean and fair-minded government should almost want the Auditor to belong to a different party than the other Constitutional office-holders, to ensure proper checks and balances in addition to those exercised by the legislature.

But it's a down-ballot race. I'm not sure of how many general-election voters know that much about the Auditor's job. From the numbers I've seen, candidates for Auditor tend to make it in on the coattails of candidates higher up the ballot, unless there are severe mitigating factors working against them. Rebecca Otto and Reggie Edwards both appear qualified, but I can't imagine a televised debate between either or both of them and Pam Awada getting really great ratings.

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