Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Down-Ballot Race Heating Up

According to the International Falls Daily Journal, Christian Sande has received the endorsement of the entire Iron Range DFL legislative delegation (update: Thanks to Zack to pointing out the typo. I meant to type "Iron Range", but somehow pooched it. Sighhhh....). This comes just days after Mark Ritchie made statements to the effect of "lawyers are great, but they're not leaders." With 40% of potential delegates still undecided on endorsement in this race, it's anyone's game - but this is another race where a primary certainly isn't out of the question. In speaking to both briefly and hearing each speak several times, I've found that both have pretty good control of the issues, both speak well, and both understand the role they're running for. I'll hold off on an endorsement (as though it would matter either way), but I simply like Christian Sande better. As a constitutional law expert, he doesn't bring the rock-star approach that Mark Ritchie brings from his 2004 national GOTV effort, but Sande has the je ne se quois to separate himself from his opponent IMHO. In short, when you talk to him, you feel as though he belongs in the office he's running for. I can't (yet) say the same for Mark Ritchie.

I caught an advance screening of V for Vendetta last night with the fiancee, I'll try to get a post up later on today about that. I'd definitely go see it again, but I must say now it wasn't what I expected. More to come later.

Blogger Zack said:
Not to nit pick, but he got the endorsement of the entire Iron Range DFL Delegation, not the entire DFL Legislative Delegation. From the article:

"Christian Sande, a candidate for Minnesota secretary of state, received the endorsement of the entire Iron Range delegation of DFL state lawmakers last week, as well as the endorsement of Rep. Irv Anderson, of International Falls."

Still a good get though.
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
Updated. Thanks for the catch.
Blogger Mike S said:
Do Ritchie comments also apply to the Governor's race? If so, its quite damning of Hatch and Kelley.
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
Yeah, I'm not sure. I wouldn't call it *damning* though. It's pretty obvious that the comment was directed at Ritchie's direct competition for Secretary of State. I'm sure that if Ritchie wins the nomination he'll be just fine working with a lawyer running for Governor.
Blogger Mike S said:
But it does give some insight into his thoughts on the race. I don't think he would say lawyers don't make good leaders for SOS but would for Gov.
Blogger Ag said:
First, this lawyer comment is being a bit blown out of proportion. Who has not made a lawyer joke? come on.

Second, the main criticism here is about leadership, and that is a fair thing to bring up. Ritchie has proven to be a leader, and it is fair to question your opponent in a race, right? Humor can be a effective way of leveling criticism. Taking offense at a lawyer joke, as a lawyer, shows some pretty thin skin. It has to be a fairly normal thing to encounter.

I would second Backbone MN in this "issue" though, we should not get too worked up over this. Both guys are way better than the current SoS. Both of them should stick to the issues, and refrain from attacking each other.

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